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How the Hadouken Changed Fighting Games

So, the Hadouken. Just an annoying move your opponents use to whittle down your life, right? Well, not really. As explained in Core-A Gaming‘s video, an entire match’s strategy can revolve around how one uses the Hadouken in either attack or defence. 49 more words


Day 52

Well, remade the Ryu. Really, I had to remake it. I did try to fix it, but it was beyond fix. I kinda liked the whole drawing itself, Ryu and Ken fighting, one throwing a Shoryuken (really liked this one), the other with a Hadouken. 66 more words


WOOTW#22: 4X4 Tires and The Hadouken Meditation

There’ll be no overtures today you bilge rats!  Only gather ’round on the quarterdeck and shut your filthy scupper holes — there’s work afoot.  Arrr! 344 more words

Martial Arts

Down, right, fierce

”Down”, ”Right”, ”FIERCE!”

Whiffing his hadouken for the fifth time in a row in the training room, David slammed his fist down on the arcade stick. 221 more words



Check this vid out. Pretty funny live take for Street Fighter. And that bonus stage was cake.

Energy Ball VFX - W-I-P

Near completion VFX shot! I had a hard time making this, it was all in after effects. To most people they would scream and tell me to use NukeX instead, and yeh , i kind of do agree with you, but when i cant really use it that well, and i have deadlines, i’m not going to waste my time on it. 132 more words

Post Production