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Sculpture Idea: Shoryuken (The Rising Dragon)

I am planning on going back and creating another metal sculpture, but this time I am planning for it to have a function. I was thinking of creating some sort of ‘outdoor fire place.’ 182 more words


Sorry for the late update. I was not feeling very well the past few weeks, and took some time off to recover. The figure I made for this week is Ryu from the Street Fighter series, which I wanted to make for Jo. 52 more words

#dope #wwsart via @alexgcs Finish her! | #streetfighter #hadouken


Smash Bros: Roy and Ryu!


Oh god, look…There’s no way we’re gonna keep up. So much mews is being thrown at us that we barely have time to digest it before the next article, announcement or live stream comes out. 793 more words


Wait...What The Hell Am I Playing Again?

So it was June 13th, and I was about to go to bed, when suddenly, I see a post about Super Smash Bros. Turns out, Roy AND Ryu were unofficially confirmed! 361 more words


A Bright Red Sloop in the Harbor | A DJ NP3 Original Playlist

I grew up when 80s pop hits about the Cold War pulled us onto the dance floor at my small-town Texas’ Christian center’s weekend teen nights. 404 more words