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CERN Suffers MASSIVE Explosion ~ March 7, 2018

Yippee! It seems the super hadron collider built in Switzerland has been extensively damaged in at attempt by the powers that were to increase the power of this device. 623 more words

Higgs Boson: Case Study on an infamous prediction that came true


  • Forecasting (business context): relies on empirical relationships that were created from observations, theory, and consistent patterns, which can have assumptions and limitations that are either known or unknown to give the future state of a certain event (Seeman, 2002).
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Futuring And Innovation

Can't Dis CERN


Take two Swiss clocks, Swiss for their precision;

accelerate them near the speed of light;

steer them into a direct collision

to smash them with all available might. 70 more words


Red Ridge X – Whitby – ITC Research

Members of Project Reveal and Red Ridge X decided to give Bagdale Hall Hotel a visit to check for any paranormal activity. This is an old building with plenty of history in an historical town. 798 more words

Review: Multiuniversum (Card Game) - Multidimensional Fun for All


Multiuniversum is a 1-5 player, competitive set-collecting card game in which players take control of scientists at CERN, looking to close portals they have accidentally opened to multiple dimensions. 1,178 more words

Card Game

CERN, PORTALS, ALICE, Awake, And The Last Step

I was shown portals opening up randomly before the 6th seal, vial, and trump.  What does this have to do with CERN you may ask?  D~Wave is all about opening up portals, dark matter, and the Awake program.   563 more words

Heaven And Hell