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Holy Hadron Collider (HHC)

Our writer, a failed scientist in his thirties, a failed science-writer in his fifties, and in fifteen minutes time, a failed patient for an experimental treatment to stop his bowl cancer from finally killing him, unexpectedly had an idea for his next book. 1,077 more words

Rag Bag

In the absence of natural time, clock time has become a tyrant - Greer.

James Greer argues that given the pervasiveness of time-technologies, primarily involving the clock, humans have domesticated and artificialised time. The result is that increasingly, natural time becomes absent. 693 more words

Natural Time

Pondering the Alien Invasion!

Simple Truth

Seeing as there is great excitement these days concerning the possibility of an alien invasion then you do find yourself pondering this question and wondering how such a thing could play out or be played out or rolled out into the general public’s mind. 1,421 more words

Spiritual Deception