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My Kinda Future Super Car Concept

Ladies and Gentle Women!

Get ready for an asstoundingly pleasant shock to absorb the asstonishingly cool future super car concept!

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Hopped-Up Particle Accelerator Poised to Venture into the Realm of Exotic Physics

Physicists are getting antsy. Their most highly prized tool for studying the smallest bits of nature—the Large Hadron Collider(LHC) particle accelerator—has been shut down since the end of 2012 for $163 million worth of upgrades.

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Hadron Goes Into Production

We are pleased to announce that the Hadron is now going into production in epoxy foam-sandwich. We are starting work on the hull plug this week. 114 more words


Because the world's a stage

I don’t know

what you’ve been told,

about what happened

long, long ago;

but it’s happening still

and forever will.

So even as

you sit around… 113 more words



Created by Gabriele Cirulli, 2048 is another game which can be played in your web browser. Play is simple – combining squares of the same number to create one twice as large with the goal of creating one of 2048. 65 more words


Who is financing CERN research and why?

Another good question, one that is hard to unravel but I’m looking, I’m 75% sure several governments around the world would love to have such power and we all know it’s about power and money.