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Earthquake: Even the Large Hadron Collider felt the tremors

#Earthquake #NaturalScience  Earthquake: Even the Large Hadron Collider felt the tremors  It seems even the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), more than 18,000km away in Switzerland, reported feeling this morning s earthquake. 47 more words

What's inside protons and neutrons?

Inside a nucleus there are protons and neutrons but what are inside these? Protons and neutrons consist of smaller particles called quarks.

A quark is a fundamental particle. 204 more words

Charlottes Space Science

My Thesis

You’ve all had to listen to me go on and on about my thesis, QUARK-HADRON COMPOSITION OF ROTATING NEUTRON STARS. Now, at long last, it has been posted to the San Diego State University library page. 283 more words

Vivement la fin des soldes.

Je vous avais mentionné mon achat de chaussures histoire de faire les stocks.

Je dois vous confesser que j’ai encore été faible il y a peu. 509 more words


An Evolving Universe II--Energy Spreading

This post is a continuation of An Evolving Universe I–The Greatest. Part II stands alone, but it will be difficult to appreciate and fully understand III without reading I and II first. 746 more words