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Bought from the Bolsheviks

Thankfully, I can use this phrase without sounding insensitive, since the Bolshevik revolution ended about a century ago. Of course, it could still sound insensitive, because me saying it is one way to get something past the radar.   440 more words


Yitro Tehillim (Psa 19:2-5)

2 The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of his hands. 3 Day to day pours forth speech; and night to night reveals knowledge.  522 more words


Beshalach Tehillim (Psa 66)

1 For the chief Musician. A song or psalm.

Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth! 2 Sing forth the glory of his name; make his praise glorious! 524 more words


I Shall Trust and Not Fear

I was waylaid by liturgy today. There I was, traipsing along feeling free on the high road, unencumbered by the ancient words I read, translating them into my life today, taking liberties with the meaning to support what I have come to believe. 573 more words

Bo Tehillim Part 2 (Psa 77:8-13)

“Will Adonai reject for ever? And will he never be favorable again? 9 Has his mercy vanished for ever? Has his promise failed for all generations?  476 more words


Bo Haftarah Part 2 (Jer 46:23-28)

23 They will chop down her forest,” declares ADONAI, “surely it will no more be found, even though they are now more numerous than grasshoppers, and… 420 more words


Va’era Haftarah Part 1 (Eze 28:25-29:12)

25 ” ‘So says Adonai ELOHIM: When I gather the people of Isra’el from the nations among whom they have been scattered, and will show my holiness through them in the sight of the Goyim, then they will live in their own land, which I gave to my servant Ya’akov.  513 more words