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Which level?

I was checking in on a cruise with someone I didn’t know.  They were saying my room wasn’t near theirs, and asking if I wanted to move.   224 more words


The Road, and That Which Blocks It

This is the first dream (of what will probably be many) in which I woke up in the middle of the night, scrawled a few notes, and then went back to sleep.   336 more words


Aaaaand Action!

Ahem. I really do need to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, as in, once a week regularly, rather than once a month (I first typed “hagit” here. 718 more words


Journey in Ancient Hills (an Index Poem)

This is a found poem using two index pages from ‘Welsh Folk Lore and Folk Customs’ by Thomas Gwynn Jones

Journey in Ancient Hills

The midwives pour milk and curd into wells, 87 more words


Merle Haggard: An Okie From California

Recently I had a conversation with my mom about how if I married a girl from CA and had a baby there, the baby would still be half Okie. 888 more words


It’s a witch! (They didn’t weigh her, or burn her) Our 9th session…

We had a really enjoyable 9th game session, where we managed to get closer to the kind of games that I would like to run, and where I (mostly) followed the ‘say yes doctrine’ for game masters. 922 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Hag traži garanciju Srbije za puštanje Šešelja

Sudsko vijeće Tribunala za bivšu Jugoslaviju u slučaju Vojislava Šešelja pozvalo je Holandiju, kao zemlju domaćina suda i Vladu Srbije da se izjasne o garancijama u vezi sa eventualnim privremenim puštanjem na slobodu optuženog ratnog zločinca Vojislava Šešelja. 236 more words

Novinarski Stil