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Hôm qua bán ra HAR theo EFI(13) thì y ta tăng như đúng rồi, bán 4.65 và cuối giờ đóng cửa tại 4.75 ……

Hôm nay tiếp tục bán HAR dựa theo… 273 more words


Non-Violent Martial Arts Hag?

Woah, what happened to the “blogging regularly” thing? It’s not that I don’t want to share, or don’t have anything to tell you, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes! 880 more words


Promises, Promises

Their first confrontation was in a small town called Becket in Louisiana. She was luring children into the swamp with fairy lights, harvesting their organs, and dumping their remains into the water so the gators would cover her tracks. 641 more words


The Banshee

As we move into the darkest months of the year, it seems fitting to visit a spectre as ancient as life itself – the Banshee. A banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology who heralds the death of a family member, usually by shrieking or keening. 943 more words


Maiden, Mother, & Crone


The Lady has three and She shows them to you
Youthful Maiden, Mother and Crone
Remember Her in all that you do… 135 more words


Your delusion of grandeur is legendary

Deceit and manipulation

Your only pastime

Breaking promises and marriages

Laughing maniac

Your fun is coming to an end… 72 more words