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The Struggles of Finding a English Teaching Job Online

Anyone who has a TESOL certificate knows the amazing feeling of being able to leave the country and theoretically find a job anywhere in the word. 1,635 more words


Saying goodbye

Today was “Ree’s” goodbye event. We both did not know there was going to be anything until 30 minutes beforehand when our students told us. So we finished about an hour or so early and headed downstairs. 970 more words


Currently listening to Kanye.. but… I had some interviews this week.

I skyped with a school director from a hagwon in Seoul. It lasted about 45 minutes and was a very basic interview. 372 more words

My Thanksgiving Day in Korea

Well today was my first Thanksgiving alone/away from my family/in another country/in Korea. Honestly it felt like any other day. Koreans have their own Thanksgiving-like holiday in September or October, Chuseok, so today is not a special day for Koreans. 967 more words

The first day on my own

Although it seems small, I thought it would be good to share my first day teaching on my own. When I say that, I mean it was my first day teaching without someone else in the room to make suggestions or without having someone to turn to when I start panicking about what to do next. 747 more words

Health and drug test, immigration

Last week I went with the school director Mrs. Kim to the hospital to get a health and drug test. The hospital as not far and since it was lunchtime it wasn’t busy either. 280 more words

I'm the teacher now??

Today was my first time really in front of the kids actually teaching. I stood in front of the class, sat at the teacher’s desk and did the whole teaching thing. 645 more words