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A Trip to Gyeongju

SLP does not provide much vacation time.

That being said, a little over a month into my contract, we did have a scheduled (almost) one week vacation. 968 more words


Finishing Up 6 Months!

Wow – I remember when we stepped off the plane on March 1 and everything felt so novel and crazy, Now, we’re pretty used to things here in Korea. 705 more words


Two Months in Korea

Before I get into this post, I want to address some current events on the news in Korea. I am sure many of you have heard all kinds of things about what’s going on between North and South Korea at the moment. 1,328 more words


Teaching English in South Korea: My Experience So Far

I’m often asked how I got into teaching English in South Korea. As a senior in college, my roommate was an international student from Incheon. Mil-al and I became close friends. 1,330 more words

South Korea

Day In The Life

I have written about the basics of what my job entails and about a special day at SLP before, but I have not yet touched on the typical day I have at my hagwon. 1,360 more words


Packing for Korea: A Retrospective

Packing for a year’s stay in a country you’ve never visited is a daunting task, particularly when so many websites/blogs/forums suggest taking a year’s supply of many things because “you won’t be able to find it in Korea.” Packing becomes even more difficult when you’ve got 4 pounds of toothpaste in your bag. 1,571 more words


TGIF....And Summer Vacation!

This week…. not the greatest. Between our “Blue Day/Water Day” celebration on Wednesday where I had to do the same “science experiment” 12 different times in 20 minute and 10 minute sessions & collect live eels in a cup and search for missing turtles with no break; a perfect troublemaker showing only disrespect to his classmates and me; and finally certain Korean work culture nuances…. 1,553 more words

365 Project (2015)