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March Madness

The school year starts in March in South Korea, so I’ve spent the last week decorating my classroom and preparing lesson plans. Like most hagwons, my school has a very strict curriculum that teachers are required to follow, which means there has been a lot more decorating than curriculum-preparing. 146 more words

Spent Money Today!

I went to Ian today, and during break, I went down to the convenient store to buy some snacks. I bought 꼬깔콘 (which I ate in class) and 후레쉬팡 (image down below). 44 more words


Performances are supposed to be fun.

My previous post was supposed to go up 3 days ago, but with the end-of-semester tornado of duties, I forgot to post it. So, this post is really from today. 735 more words


6 months in and ready for change

6 months into my time in Korea, and at last I feel prepared to start a blog. To kick this off I’ll start with a little background. 689 more words


Commencement Considerations

For those of you unaware of the school calendar in Korea, each school year begins in early March, and ends just before Seollal (Lunar New Year) in February. 1,021 more words


Teaching Adults

When the prospect of teaching in Korea was merely a seedling, I made the decision that I would prefer to be teaching children rather than adults. 348 more words

Teaching English in South Korea

First published on http://www.expatarrivals.com in 2012

A steady stream of English-speaking foreigners make their way to South Korea each year in search of financial, professional and cultural gain. 866 more words

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