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Looking for a Hagwon Job: 5 Potential Problems

It’s March, and any hope of an EPIK job now they’re drastically cutting numbers is small and distant, on top of the fact it wouldn’t actually start until August. 1,481 more words


Lallyland: Day Zero

Seeing as it is a well known fact these days that there are 20 gazillion people in the world and 99% have banal blogs, I decided it was time to start one. 129 more words


My Teaching Schedule

March 24, 2015

Whether you are a friend or family member from home and you want to know what I’m doing when it’s 1:00AM your time, or you are an aspiring ESL teacher and are curious as to what Korean kindergarten-elementary days may look like, this post is for you! 693 more words


Anti-Suicide App

Last week an article appeared on the Daily Mail’s website explaining how a new phone app had been created in South Korea to try and prevent the excessive number of student suicides that the country suffers from. 447 more words

I Quit My Job and Here's Why

If you know me in person to any extent, you know I’m a planner. I’m pretty career-oriented and rational. I think long-term. I’ve been living my life following the prescribed path to success, the same one that’s causing a sort of identity crisis for so many millennials (go to college, do well, get job, have money, get more education, get more more more more). 1,252 more words

New Year, New classes.


Wow, I haven’t updated this in a long time. Sorry! To be honest, we have been so freakin’ busy and stressed in the past couple weeks that it’s been hard to get on here. 725 more words


Teaching English in Korea - General Q & A

Hazel and Casey in traditional Korean dress for Chuseok.


Group shot in a traditional Hanok village!

Me and my co-teacher!

Why did you choose to teach in Korea? 1,240 more words