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Studying Korean in Korea, 3 things I learned

So I will admit I have been slacking on this blog as I have been busy really busy. I decided that I needed to take Korean classes as my self-study was not going too well. 232 more words


Teacher "Kind of" Appreciation Day

Friday, May 15, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day is pretty big here in Korea. It’s a respected profession and the parents love to show their thanks by giving the teachers gifts, or having their kids write notes to the teachers. 600 more words


Reasons You May Not Want to Teach in Korea After All (That You May Not Have Previously Considered)

1. You may be too old for this shit. I went to Korea when I was 30. I have previously been a low-level manager at a magazine, and was now on an equal plane with people nine years my junior, many of whom hadn‘t had a real job before. 6,111 more words

Korea: First Impressions

It’s been almost 7 days since I arrived in Korea; wide-eyed, groggy and confused. It feels a lot longer than a week as it’s been non-stop since I landed. 872 more words


Choosing a Recruiting Agency

Hello everybody!

Now that I’ve become a bit more settled into my new Korean life, I thought it would be a good time to start writing posts also geared toward prospective South Korean ESL teachers.  2,068 more words


Hagwons: Why the Rewards Outweigh the Risks

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster – Clint Eastwood

Having signed the contract and now being in the process of applying for my E-2 visa to teach English in South Korea, I am well on my way to plunging into the unknown, starting sometime next week.

1,116 more words

Signed the Hagwon Contract: Is it all about to go pear-shaped?

I am currently sitting at my home in London waiting for the Fedex man. It’s a Wednesday.

Yesterday I finished negotiating my contract with the recruiter, and today I am about to post it to Korea. 398 more words