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Heigh Ho: Life with GEPIK

Hey everyone! Happy (almost) Halloween!

It’s been about two months since I’ve updated. A lot has been going on and I’d like to tell you all about my experience with GEPIK so far. 968 more words


The Current ESL Situation in Korea

When I was in middle and high school, coming to Korea to teach English was a pretty big thing. Ten years later, I guess it still is a thing–but possibly not as big of a thing.  389 more words


Lounge with Leona: Hagwons

Waiting for the elevator. The door opens, and teenagers rush out of the no longer sealed box, frantically running towards the nearest convenience store to buy snacks and drinks within the five minute break time. 1,490 more words

Local News

My first week in Mokpo

I thought I was prepared. I’d done my research and learned a few key phrases in Korean on the 18 hour long plane ride from my home of Tampa, Florida to Seoul. 609 more words


Making Graft Harder? Korea Anti-Corruption Law 'Scarcely Plausible'!

28/09/2016 will see the end of an era in South #Korea as the accepting of lavish gifts and meals by public officials becomes illegal #edchat…

105 more words

One Year in a Hagwon - Teaching English in Korea

I’ve written an ebook.

As the title suggests, the ebook is about teaching English in Korea and my experience of it. It’s not always positive, but I’ve tried to be as balanced as I could. 87 more words


My feet are too large :'(

It’s been three days and it feels like so much longer. Orientation here gives us full days of learning the hagwon’s philosophy and program and then we are given the night to do with as we will. 713 more words