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They Call Me Mr. Krebiehl

The time came Monday morning for me to find out exactly why I came half way across the world to the land of kimchi — it wasn’t just because McDonald’s here delivers (although that would be a valid reason). 1,090 more words


Teaching in Xi’an China, a Hagwon disaster

I was picked up at the airport with three overly large pink suitcases full to the brim of life’s ‘essentials’ and asked to teach the following Tuesday (it was Saturday night). 1,009 more words


Snail mail

Korea is a hub of modern technology, probably due to the fact that it is home to an array of electronic companies such as Samsung. Everyone has a smart phone and they are unceasingly using it; even when you walk out into the countryside you can’t turn a corner without facing someone talking on their phone, unselfconsciously taking a selfie, or blaring their music. 246 more words

Finding Peace in Hagwon Hell

I am feeling strong today.

I am happy and content with my life.

I am patient and calm, and greet the day with ease…

These are the phrases my coworkers and I would chant entering each day of Hagwon hell. 535 more words


School days

My Korean friend Gossam owns a Hagwon- a private school where only English is taught. There are many of these around the city, offering intense crammer lessons daily after school. 1,006 more words

South Korea

Going to work 2

Yesterday I told you a little bit about my work at a hagwon here in Korea.

Tl;dr, Hagwons suck more often than not, but mine’s quite ok. 434 more words


Going to work

As you may or may not know, I live in Ansan, a town just south-west of Seoul, Korea. I am happily married to a beautiful Korean lady since roughly seven months back, and things couldn’t be better… except I have a job. 734 more words