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Making Graft Harder? Korea Anti-Corruption Law 'Scarcely Plausible'!

28/09/2016 will see the end of an era in South #Korea as the accepting of lavish gifts and meals by public officials becomes illegal #edchat…

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One Year in a Hagwon - Teaching English in Korea (Free EBOOK)

I’ve written an ebook.

For a long time, I’ve been flirting with the idea of using some of my posts from DasBloggen to create an ebook about my year of teaching English in Korea. 416 more words


My feet are too large :'(

It’s been three days and it feels like so much longer. Orientation here gives us full days of learning the hagwon’s philosophy and program and then we are given the night to do with as we will. 713 more words

Korean Hagwons - What are They?

JIC you are thinking about teaching English in Korea, and have fallen in love with the videos by younger people on YouTube that gush about their experiences doing that work. 22 more words


Teachin' the World: The Final Stretch

So, you got all your documents together, you’ve applied to a few schools, maybe you found a recruiter you like, it’s all happening. First of all, let’s break this down a bit. 659 more words


A Day in the Life: Teaching in Korea

After 5 months of blogging about our adventures in Korea, it’s finally time to address the reason we are here. We are lucky enough to live in Asia as English teachers at a private academy, also known as a hagwon.   429 more words