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TGIF....And Summer Vacation!

This week…. not the greatest. Between our “Blue Day/Water Day” celebration on Wednesday where I had to do the same “science experiment” 12 different times in 20 minute and 10 minute sessions & collect live eels in a cup and search for missing turtles with no break; a perfect troublemaker showing only disrespect to his classmates and me; and finally certain Korean work culture nuances…. 1,553 more words

365 Project (2015)

TEFL in East Asia Part Three: High Stakes Testing

This is part of a new series on teaching English as a foreign language in East Asia. Now that I have almost three months under my belt in Shanghai, it’s appropriate that I start to compare my new experiences with those of my 2012-2013 stint in South Korea. 950 more words


Training: SLP Style

To describe my job takes some backstory.

The school I teach at is called a hagwon (학원) . Hagwons are institutionalized outside-of-school programs designed to give students a competitive edge in any and all academic subjects. 697 more words


Welcome to Korea! Wait, First Pee in a Cup.

I officially arrived in Korea one month ago. Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday I was hugging all my EPCOT family goodbye in early June. 435 more words


Office Building or a Hagwon? / Burberry Brothers / Gender Divided Bars

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This was a nothing day. I just read and chilled out a lot, enjoying some relaxation! I only took one photo and that was of Kevin’s hair in the morning. 697 more words


Testing Season

Korean testing season is renowned worldwide, because It coincides with the dates where suicide rates amongst the youth peak. It is during this time that adolescents will traipse through the streets like the walking dead. 352 more words

They Call Me Mr. Krebiehl

The time came Monday morning for me to find out exactly why I came half way across the world to the land of kimchi — it wasn’t just because McDonald’s here delivers (although that would be a valid reason). 1,090 more words