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A Day in the Life: Teaching in Korea

After 5 months of blogging about our adventures in Korea, it’s finally time to address the reason we are here. We are lucky enough to live in Asia as English teachers at a private academy, also known as a hagwon.   429 more words

Teachin' the World: Part 1.5

Before we get to the actual how-tos, we need to talk about EPIK vs. hagwon. EPIK is a government run program that places English speakers in public schools. 511 more words


And it begins.

Less than 30 days before I’m on a jet plane headed to South Korea. And to think that this all started as a random thought. 178 more words


Korea is different from the western world, they have a different culture and ways of doing things. Although they also wear clothes that come from american and European companies there are still some taboos. 261 more words


An Afternoon in Gangnam

If you find yourself with a class schedule where you have the morning or afternoon off and you are looking for something to do, taking a little trip to Gangnam (강남) is a fun way to spend your time. 697 more words


Working at a Hagwon: The Private Roller Coaster

By: Rachel Corseri

I think it’s about time to talk about what I spend most of my time doing: my job. I have spent most of my time working, so I have certainly gained the insight to speak at length on this subject. 2,565 more words


The SAT is Corrupt: Reuters Version

Dear Renee Dudley, Steve Stecklow, Alexandra Harney and Irene Jay Liu,

As someone who has studied and written extensively about the SAT corruption and the fraud delivery system known as Asian test prep , I congratulate you on the… 1,569 more words

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