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sipping nectar (haibun)

[…] “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” […]Hellen Keller… 68 more words


Skies of Melancholy

Away from the Central Valley heat. The sky over the bay was grey, and fog rolled past twisted cypress.  Cars and tourists crowded the narrow winding road of 17 Mile Drive. 165 more words


Ukigumo nights - dVerse Haibun Monday

Watercolour-whisp clouds, drifting as if the merest hint of Chinese White has been dabbed from sable onto Coeruluem Blue. The sky is a vast upturned cup, an endless realm. 97 more words

Creative Writing

Haibun Monday: The Sky IS the Limit

The day after the son’s wedding, we visited London. The sky was hazy and sombre grey and the clouds soothed it with charcoal whirls. The London Eye provided a sturdy background in slow motion. 72 more words


23 Aug 2016

Why they were born?

You think that’s what people want to know about the most?

Nothing else could be more important or less understood.

I think, Marcus, all that people want to know about, for sure, is the future. 93 more words


Late Afternoon

Written for:  dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday:  The Sky IS The Limit
(posted by HAYESSPENCER)
Write about the day sky from dawn to dusk and any time in between. 69 more words

Purple's Home


            According to superstition, a child would not grow if he laid on the ground and let a cloud cross over him. That did not bother my cousins and I when, during our summer reunions, we would watch clouds while lying down on the spiky grass covering our grandparent’s yard. 119 more words