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Blue moon (haibun)

Walking home tonight she kept her head turned up towards the sky. It was night and yet the sky was so clear like daytime but as if the light had dimmed just a little.   61 more words


Haibun - The Forest

Love walk lost with me
until we no longer see
forest from the trees

What is it about you that magnetizes me?  You are the curtain concealing me from a grand illusion. 33 more words


Haibun, Haibun! (What is one?)

Haibun, Haibun.

“What is a ‘Haibun?’ ”
“What do you mean? Don’t you know?”
“No! I’m no poet!”
“It’s a poem, from Japan;
With the same form as this one. 58 more words


Haibun - Cleansed

The great river falls
thrashed breathless upon the rock –
cleansed and on to sea

I step from bed stripping off the silk that lay with dreams. 33 more words


Feet On Fire

That moment when you’ve been promenading up and down La Croisette for what seems like hours, your feet are on fire and to top it all your iPad starts playing up! 14 more words


ladybug makes the day (haibun)

The little girl skips home to show her mom the drawing she made at day camp. Turning the corner, she bumps into a boy on a skateboard and she falls to her knees. 35 more words


tonnerre du midi (haibun)

Elle est surprise aux premiers sons du tonnerre; regardant par la fenêtre elle voie la pluie qui précipite.  Le tonnerre continue à menacer possiblement une autre panne d’électricité; elle place la bouilloire sur le feu … au moins il y aura du thé à siroter. 79 more words