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(dj) Variations of April / haikai 30/ Tellus (4.22)

Singing, sighing and sighing
Variations of April in any shape and size
An unthemed, theme

(a haibun)

At two in the morning the thin bowl of moon rests on top of the… 188 more words

American Japanese Style Poetry

Day 12 prompt

My dogs, as close to my toast as they dare be. I save them some; sharing is everything, creates trust, creates safety. Toast makes relationships, like encouraging the birds to pic-pic-pica at my lawn. 255 more words


Haibun 103

visionary reality

the best side of me is not grounded in reality. my habit is to stretch what we call reality into something more. reality is a fabric of our making but to be visionary you need to see through and past these constructions. 15 more words


Coyote monologues Narcissus: a #TankaProse

Don’t look at me like that!

Geesh! The first time you tear your eyes away from that pond in forever, and it’s to give me an attitude? 352 more words

Haiku Community

earth - a haibun

So small, so old and not as round as we’d like to think, nearing the used up date at a frightening speed as it hurls itself around the blistering sun; itself in decline. 63 more words


#Haikai Challenge #30 (4/21/18): Earth... #Haiku #Senryu #Haibun #Tanka #Haiga #Renga

No sooner did we celebrate warmth than another cold spell enveloped the Northeast! Nevertheless, Haijin, you bore witness to the inevitable turn toward spring (at least in the northern hemisphere). 307 more words

Haiku Community

s p l i n t e r

She fell into the spine, between the pages 80 and 81. Never before, she thought, had words reached into her, beneath tissue and through sinew, to touch her bones. 373 more words