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fazing of the night (haibun)

She looks out the window, waiting for daylight. Birds bid her a good morning in the darkness of the night still, fazing ever slowly. She turns to look at her mistress and waits for a sign, then nuzzles on her pillow and  tries to catch some sleep in the quiet dim of night. 8 more words



When people ask me what kind of creative work I do I am often at loss for words. If I try to explain that I am currently combining haibun with haiga people look at me in complete mystification. 675 more words


Idea into Action

We’ve finished our dinner, chicken and broccoli.  I’m on my second glass of wine.  Alec, teenage Alec, sees something on the TV and decides he’s still hungry. 120 more words


Sunny with a chance of annihilation

Out of nowhere this afternoon a sharp squall hits — darkness, crashing thunder, storm crows riding the wind like demons, dead trees snapping in the woods… And then the sirens. 21 more words


Finding connection

The blogosphere seems to full of synchronicity for me today. Late yesterday I went for a walk on a wild, stony hilltop. It was experience I wanted to write a haibun about but I couldn’t think of a way in. 756 more words


freeloading bees (haibun)

In an era where we fear for the livelihood of bees and butterflies, here is a story of a home in Cambridge, Ontario where a colony of honey bees took residence in their home. 66 more words


a single rose (haiga)

a single rose
rests on her gravestone
thorn in my heart

No more roses will be bought for her birthday …It was always roses that stirred her memory…her sense of smell awakened by the fragrance every time. 48 more words