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Family Thanksgiving (haibun)

She loves Thanksgiving.  It is a time for her adult children and their partners, her grandsons and even the children’s father to come together. She prepares food for days; sets up the guest room for the boys to play and have fun while the adults eat much slower as they talk of this and that that are of no interest to young boys. 139 more words


Child's Play (haibun)

The first St-Patrick`s Day parade was celebrated in Montreal in 1759, three years before the start of New York’s well-known parade, in 1762. Rain or shine, snow  or sleet, the parade has run consecutively each year since 1824. 233 more words


Search #poetry #blogginganniversary

What are you searching for? We are all looking for something: love,  fame, a change, meaning to life.  Don’t lose yourself as you are searching. Some of us do and then frantically have to find our way back. 154 more words


Haibun (Plan "B")

11 Oct 2015 – Haibun

After eight years I mention in passing private compulsions – and what a reaction! One lifted eyebrow, with a smirking smile to match, she said “Those WEREN’T included in your ‘Full Disclosure Forms’ filled out before we started dating!” 24 more words


The Universal Language (A Mini Haibun)

The photo prompt, The Six Million Dollar Cow by Anthony Wolff, as provided by Grammar Ghoul Press.

The language we shared in common was capitalism.

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artist's haven (haibun

Photo credits: Katrin Shumakov at Flickr

I often write about the cherry blossoms at Stanley Park in Vancouver. My first trip there, I met a lovely Japanese couple at the airport on my arrival. 115 more words


Hues consume her (haibun - haiga)

Mesmerized by nature’s evening performance, she sighs and falls imto a sea pf  peaceful tranquilty.

drowns in colours
 gold dips beneath the skyline
wrapped in magenta

© Tournesol ’15

OctPoWriMo – 8 – Colour me Good