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ik 202 for September 2015 wp

ik 202
(dodoitsu, haibun)
as advertised?

they say; no news is good news
undelivered printed words
can not tell of good or bad –
yesterday’s reports… 209 more words

Short Verse


Carpe Diem #809 Andromeda

in the heat of night
under Andromeda skies
we dream of love

In about four billion years it is predicted that the Milky Way 
and the Andromeda galaxy will collide.   86 more words


silence restored (haibun)

The first weekend of September celebrates Labour Day; this truly marks summer’s end. Youths return  to school or college and parents find this the best time to pack up the summer cottage or camper.   148 more words


Ground Coffee and Matins - demonstration pieces

These two haibun are meant as demonstration pieces of different ways the haiku can interact with the prose:

Ground Coffee

Almost no wind. 3900 light years If it wasn’t for the tiny un-rhythmic movement in the thinnest branches of the tall trees no one would blame you for thinking that the air had fallen asleep. 276 more words

Midwife to the Dying--dVerse Poetics

Midwife to the Dying

“Watch with me, please stay.”

Her raspy whisper rouses me from an impending 3 AM stupor. I take her outstretched hand, cold and gnarly. 177 more words


hard to write haiku
when the words of my life are

Today was a visit to the rheumatologist for my seven year old’s arthritis. Put rheumatologist and polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in a haiku and there is barely room for the rest of the poem. 83 more words

autumn's bliss (haibun)

Shivering in the cool air shortly after dawn, you can see her breath in smoke signals as she walks quickly to stay warm. Lunchtime has a change of heart… 47 more words