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Oasis of Peace

The oasis of serenity when everything’s at peace. Blue sky with cotton like clouds, calm sea, green grass and trees and the island across my bench. 120 more words


September Days: The Sky

Sky blue. It is a colour I cannot really fix in my mind’s eye. I recall reading Donkey Skin, a fairytale in a very prettily illustrated book, back in my childhood. 177 more words


The Story of the Bench

Many of the people who have sat on the bench and worn smooth its hand-crafted surface have been bone-weary and hungry. How often have  walkers lifted their heads from loosening the laces in their boots or removing their shoes to inhale salt on the breeze and drink in the many shades of sky and sea blue? 163 more words


Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2017 Opens

This is still Japan’s only international haibun contest. Entry is free and there are prizes and certificates. This year we have one new judge, Ellis Avery… 241 more words


Pedaled Memories

a found penny
from 1868
in the penny jar

There is no escape from the mist and aroma of the familiar. The clamor of our pots ring the same tune. 314 more words


27 Sep 2016

What more more would you add, Marcus, to the bubbling pot of alchemy that will transform this murky concoction of grief into effervescent joy?

Unless, of course, the pot is empty. 60 more words


One's Nature

I peruse the web, as is my wont, and I see a link about left-handedism.

Is that a word?  Left-handedism?


Hey!  I’m left handed… 141 more words