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On the Soul

All day she sits on a hill watching animals that are clearly not animals but she doesn’t know what else to call them or what she should call herself now because clearly she is not the only person left and clearly the other people are nothing like her and have thrown their hearts and souls into building extremely fast things that go back and forth all day, just back and forth, very fast, she can’t imagine what they’re thinking or doing but she needs to go find out because if she’s alone for too much longer she won’t be anything at all. 9 more words


When Tuna Die

Nenten Tsubo’uchi’s haiku group, Sendan, held a Japanese language haibun contest to run parallel with the Genjuan one earlier this year (Judges were NT, SHG, HM and two others). 591 more words


Beaver Full Moon (Haibun)

Walking home late a night one would think she should be frightened.  But not tonight with the light of that bright moon.  The moon was almost full under a clear sky.   239 more words


Sunday's Concert (haibun)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai explains that “Tengri” means ‘sky worship’;  haiku is part of Tengrism … look around you …. see the signs of nature and read them … just read them. 155 more words


First day of spring (haibun)

The prompt last Wednesday is a lovely narrative of spring and why our host, Chèvrefeuille loves this season. I, too, love this time year, filled with fresh new beginnings. 126 more words


Camera Obscura

Seeing the trucks go fast from outside the trucks had not prepared her for how fast trucks actually go. The truck was going very fast. Very, very amazingly, unthinkably fast. 338 more words



The stars had told her that to get home she must go in a particular direction, but the stars did not instruct her as to how she could avoid detection on her journey. 279 more words