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Celebrity Status

After my sex tape failed to go viral, I kind of gave up on the internet.

little black book
the women who blew me

Dave Read

29 May 2017

Who could have guessed, Marcus? He was like an old crumpled railway timetable with a black and white routine. Bathing in the river at four, dripping all over the polished mosaic, prayers rumbling in his throat, the ash smeared on his forehead white as the midsummer sun, he had gods scrambling out of their beds, so they would be ready to receive his prostrations. 206 more words


Escape - Haibun

The walk became necessary for my own sake. Calling the cat, ‘come, let’s go’ and her dawdling, making me wait made me leave her. Behind me the houses disappear as I round the bend at a near jog. 524 more words

Hot Sunday


The man who roars above the high-pitched chatter of the crowd, to prove that his enjoyment of the enjoyment is more intense, is always among the clients—him or his brother or cousin or someone with the same ideas about the right way to behave in a public place. 124 more words


Guadalajara: Comforts of Home

A tiny fan, perfect for travel

When you’re traveling far from home, little things matter. Like fans, for example.

When I arrived in Guadalajara last night, the temperature was nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit—not unusual for this time of year, but warm enough to cause me to sweat as I made my way from the airplane to the baggage claim area. 205 more words


Haibun - Gift of Now!

I sit with my cup of morning tea, contemplating life that passes by with each tick of the clock.  At times a feeling of guilt creeps into me for not having spent it wisely. 156 more words

Micro Poetry

#Colorado Dreams – A #Haibun

Welcome to my contribution to my Weekly #Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of  169 more words

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