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Haibun for a home

This is where I was this afternoon. A tram ride from the centre of Bordeaux.


I saw a house today with acacias shaded, bee-strung and scented. 201 more words


Daily Moments Apr 21-17 - Quiet of day (haibun)

That time of day where words are not required…silence carries a life of its own. The homeless man whose weary feet, too heavy to continue, marks a spot to rest an hour or five. 165 more words


21 Apr 2017

So, Marcus, does the poet have to be really intelligent, able to comprehend and interpret the world he lives in, clever enough to simplify the complex nuances of the zeitgeist, wise enough to read the tired tea leaves at the bottom of his cup? 136 more words


Don't Apologize

Don’t apologize for who you are. If you have to, beat them and beat them with it.
Just be you.