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Transforming Encounters: a #haibun through other eyes #haiku #poetry

A roar. My rear legs step back. But I’m half out of the brush. Curious.

What approaches?

A man. Seated on what makes the thunder. An “ATV,” I’ve heard humans say. 108 more words

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A #Thanksgiving remembered #haibun #haiku #poetry

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd

Another wave of sickness strikes. I’m on my knees over the master bath toilet. Orange-and-brown bile fills water and stains the porcelain rim, along with the painted walls and freshly-washed tile. 110 more words

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Haibun 52

church of the eponymous

i have no belief system. i think reality is a construct. that just leaves me in the present moment.

my boat to the universe… 11 more words


Haibun: North Wind In November

The North Wind is getting stronger and colder in the mountains and we want to make the most of every sniff and every memory we gather. 100 more words

Haibun 51

the art of philosophy or the philosophy of art

i dont want to appreciate art. I wont spend time on philosophy. put them together and you have the dark arts. 39 more words



Will I? Won’t I? Will they? Won’t they?

My battle with beliefs continues as they struggle to find place in my psyche. It is a battle of wills, a battle of control, a power game played to the hilt. 82 more words

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Haibun 50

light a candle with a star

flame is something we all secretly worship. a fire warms the hands and the soul. living in a dark skies area i find the stars of the milky way hotter than the artificial variety. 56 more words