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Journeys 2015: review by Paresh Tiwari

Journeys 2015: An Anthology of International Haibun, ed., Angelee Deodhar, 255 pp., 6×9, perfect bound, from http://www.amazon.com in print and e-book formats or contact… 1,380 more words


Blink Before Summer

Again and again the parking lot.

Afternoon-shift-guy pulls in and parks forward.  He pulls off his helmet.

Enjoy the weather, he says.  

He’s not wearing a jacket. 47 more words


After Birdwatching: Stargazing in Central America by Karla Linn Merrifield

After Birdwatching: Stargazing in Central America
Some birds I first enumerated in Amazonia now orbit me independently again in Costa Rican cloud forests, in Panama rain forests like so many solar light collectors arrayed in outer space around a tropical star where I survive as human at the bright center of an avian Dyson sphere woven in wingèd light by circling yellow-rumped caciques, yellow-rumped caracaras, and greater and lesser kiskadees of glowing yellow breasts. 43 more words


day 27: haibun w/ two swords

Haibun with Two Swords

It is difficult to tell the season. Why the moon hangs in the sky like a curved sickle. Imagine a woman sitting on a concrete pedestal. 88 more words

30/30 Project

life's too short (haibun)

Sometimes it is best not to know what some people think about you especially if it will only break your heart. It is so much easier seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses even if there is suffering in the world, why not let the good outweigh the bad? 16 more words


Splitting Heirs

She always said family is strengthened by sticking together through life’s twists and turns.

As the matriarch, she’d kept us close with her stories, recipes that could not be recreated by anyone else, and hugs that spoke volumes where words failed to capture the nuances of shared joys, sorrows, or more often, everyday moments that would have otherwise gone forgotten if not infused with her love. 150 more words

Writing Prompt

The Empty Room

On the way to the hospital, I walk past Mosswood Park and was compelled to visit the amphitheater. Speckled key lights of sun were spilled randomly along the ground. 946 more words