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Bill Graham at the CJM

This is a wonderful show that is as much about the last 50 years of the San Francisco music scene as about Bill. I highly recommend it. 131 more words

Manson Girl Paroled

Sherlock Holmes reacts to the recent news that Leslie von Houten, former Manson follower convicted of murder, has been approved for parole after 19 rejections. 529 more words

Homeward Bound

When the airliner touched down at Travis Air Force Base, a small group of anti-war protesters was there holding placards denouncing the war. What they thought they could accomplish by chastising a plane load of soldiers whose days in Vietnam were over, I’ll never know. 1,449 more words

This is not Real

From ’67 to ‘68, I ran a mobile urgent care clinic out of my VW van in the Haight-Ashbury, catering to the massive population of young people that had ventured  here to become hippies. 452 more words

An In-Depth Weather Analysis of San Fran

Breaking news! San Francisco is actually cold!
It seems impossible that California can be anything but warm, but I sometimes forget that good old San Fran’s wind and 14℃ – 20℃ temperatures belong to the golden state. 550 more words