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Do you Haight Brunch? Yes! I love brunch on Haight! Recently, my friend and I spent a lazy Saturday morning hanging out strolling about the City and ended up at 1428 Haight for some brunch. 85 more words


Detritus of Dope

With the exception of the wooden stash pipe at the bottom that I bought at the Psychedelic Shop soon after my arrival in San Francisco in 1976, everything including the flag, in this display was found (or given to me) in the Haight over the last couple of years. 11 more words

San Francisco – Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz & Lombard St

It turns out that pancake mix is actually okay. I’ve always scoffed at the idea of such a thing – I mean, how hard is it to make pancakes? 2,083 more words

Grateful Dead House

Located blocks from the famous Haight-Ashbury intersection of San Francisco sits one of the most famous houses in the city, most commonly known as the Grateful Dead house.  116 more words



There was a small section cordoned off for those who actually remembered the ’60’s. There were seven of us

A Verbal Scrapbook

Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 134

Today’s words have zippy to do with wine, but I warned you that would happen from time to time.  I just got back from Spring Break in San Francisco with my teenage daughter, one of my best friends, and her teenage daughter.   613 more words


Helping Hands in the Haight-Ashbury

The world-famous Haight-Ashbury district is known for many things, but homeless youth on the streets? Here’s what one of my students discovered:

By Nicole Newman… 991 more words

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