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Strangers - Haiku

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Strangers , they unite 

In dim lit room – unreined 

Lovers for one night . 

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Challenge . The prompt – Strangers .


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I decided to highlight today's 'Saturday Specifics' with a 'Throwback' gesture. I love Haiku, although I rarely write one these days. I used to craft poems before and I plan to acknowledge my lost spirit through this post I reblog.

Dusk ~ Haiku

Flickering candle

gives way to light

as dusk approaches.


Bereft of his breath

last wish of whom is the light

old man waits for dusk.

Haiku Heights


reach for kiss

and quickly withdraw

your cold nose

* * *

Inspired by the prompt at



no end to the words

on my screen – I prefer the

empty space between

* * *

keyboard creatures

from mars like to hang out… 23 more words



nothing left but

a pile of bleached-white bones

life passed him by

* * *

poor unknown ensign

beamed down to planet surface

can you save him, Bones?

* * *

Inspired by the prompt at



in a vase

wilted as their love

cut flowers

* * *

no truth to be found

can’t cut through forest of lies

political speech

* * *

Inspired by the prompt at



no justice

from start to end – there’s

just us

* * *

Inspired by the prompt at