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Haiku challenge: Bridge & Move

A late entry to Ronovan’s haiku challenge, but I finally did it. What looked like an easy prompt turned out to be quite difficult—for me anyway. 51 more words


Ronovan's Haiku challenge: Red & Bird

Painting by Pieter Bruegel

Blackbird sings his song
Rippling liquid through green shade
Until red sunset.

Black feathered bird lies
on the white snow stained with blood… 16 more words


60 YEARS ON - WWII haiku sequence

Published in World Haiku Review, Spring-Summer 2005.


sixty years—
the half-life
of hatreds?

the flames in
mother’s stove—that was
friendly fire… 175 more words

Haiku & Senryu

KATRINA -- haiku sequence

Written after Hurricane Katrina; published on WHCvanguard, WHCpoetrybridge, and Autumn Leaves. 2005.


deep moaning winds
flood waters rising
the burial of dreams

watching the shelter tv… 32 more words

Haiku & Senryu

THE HAIKU BOX -- sequence

My satirical take on the “haiku wars.” Published in World Haiku Review in January 2007.


haiku in a box
on all six sides… 39 more words

Haiku & Senryu

Poetry Map of Scotland poem 66: Beinn Dorain and Beinn Odhar

Haiku sequence

mountainsides green-gold
in unseasonable sun
above, Beinn Dorain

‘Scotland’s Mount Fuji’
immense, conical, perfect
scarred with sky-blue scree

nearer, Beinn Odhar
spreads its wings protectively… 69 more words

Poem: "Technological Existentialism"

One of my earliest poems, previously published in Cafe Bellas Artes and The Valencian. I’ve revised it here into a haiku sequence.

Technological Existentialism

Wandering numbly:
hungrily yearning for, need-
ing recognition. 47 more words
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