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The hotness

You see her clubbing

You know she is out checking

Yet you get lured in

Her unbridled sin

Has you under spell work

Have you lost your mind? 61 more words


Hand held within reach;

to stretch takes a little strength.

Firm will be the hold.


July Garden July 29, 2016

Pull, weed, dig, and sweat

No glamorous white gloves here

New flowers, worth it!

Art Prescription:  So my bee balm has run its course. I made space for a new flower garden that will delight me until fall.

Index card:

Summer #1

Heat billows upward,
The ground huffing, sweltering,
‘Neath a callous sun.



etchings on a stone’s face
eons past…

Writing Exercise

Haiku - #88 Drought

Without enough rain

even so-called weeds succumb –

no prejudice there.


(c)  2015  Betty Hayes Albright