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date night, pizza night

he cooks with love in his eyes

and then fills my heart


Swimming in Thermal Baths: Heavenly or Hot Mess?

Going to a thermal bath/pool was at the top of my list of ‘Switzerland Goals’ this year, and it overlapped quite nicely with our girls’ constant drive to find a pool. 1,615 more words


Icy Wind

An icy wind howls
and threatens to freeze my bones.
Pale sunshine brings hope.

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2018.03.23: transitory

dark ominous clouds

pressing down angry red skies

all things pass away


driving alone

driving alone at dawn

 first sight of the Atlantic

longing disappears



Back Yard Haiku Number 312

So ends winter’s stay,

its tenure measured in brown

landscapes and bare trees.

© 2018 John Christian Hager

Image from Pixabay


Friday JohnKu - AKA - Hump Day

Friday is here and a good thing too. I am heading to Galveston to participate in the Galveston Book Fair. The fair is from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM tomorrow. 150 more words