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Counting Syllables

Counting Syllables

To rhymed forms his aversion was strong–
So he opted for haiku. Not long
did it take to complete
his example. Dude: sweet! 14 more words

Day 28 Spring Haiku

spring cleaning
broken cobwebs steeped in dust
last year’s memories

grey feathers
scattered among spring daisies
young swans gather

April showers
confetti blossoms puddle
spring promises… 145 more words


Haiku - Big Mug of Hot Brew

Pouring out coffee

Caffeine anticipation

Provides a quick rush


Day 4- Poetry Challenge

Day 4- Write a haiku. They’re often about nature, but yours can be about anything

So, a Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. 41 more words


och Jag Undrar

Varje dag … varje år … i varje stund …

jag arrangerar
styr, restyr och omstyr – avstyr
allt i mitt liv

… alltid.

Ett pågående projekt i livet så väl som i cyber.

69 more words

Morning Kissed Her Cheek

dressed in pink
morning kissed her cheek
she bloomed

©2017 All Rights Reserved – Sheri L. Prielipp-Falzone

The Insomniac Writer / The Blogging Owl


A Spring of Dreams - Butterfly


By Scott Bailey © 2014

Sod the camouflage
Be resplendent in the sun
Flutter high and shine

Available as


or hardback

from Amazon… 14 more words