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Think Outside the Box

Often I am told
“Come on! Think outside the Box!”
Here is my answer:

Some days I lose my
Bright, trusty rememberer.
You relate, don’t you? 68 more words


Praying for his friends

Haiku to unite

He’s praying for them.
Jesus knows his time is near,
and prays for his friends.

Knows the day comes near
when they will need each other… 85 more words


May 26th

to wake up and find

twittering moths in your hair –

leftover night magic…


Fumbling with his keys

He heard footsteps approaching

Now it was too late


Herald of Madness - Part Three

Who says Instagram
Cannot be part of Yaz’s
Box of magic tricks?

"Twin Peaks" Season 2.

Let’s just make stuff up

as we go along and then

see if something sticks

Your lies cripple the

Mind, soundness turns to chaos

Drowning consciousness