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Ancestral Goetia

Ancestral Goetia can be noted for three demos:

  • ’92: Betray God, Hail Satan
  • ’92: Prophets of Darkmoon
  • ’93: We, the Tribute to Lust

Each of them is a cumulative effort over the previous ones. 368 more words


26 Unexpected Places To Find Satan

666 A L L H A I L 666 1. In a word search! View this image ‘ memecollection.net 2. In a child’s drawing! View this image ‘ mathsturbation.tumblr.com 3. 23 more words


All satanists want to have fancy hipster names (we get it, you need validation)

What are you, a fucking Lord of the Ring’s character? Are you going to start calling yourself Sauron the Black? Are you going to wear a floor-length cloak full time and sport a Lucius Malfoy coif and a shiny snake cane? 216 more words