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Burnmother fucking xtians, burn

Take your stupid piece of shit ass bible and shove it up your asses

I love belonging to Satan!

No lies or bullshit! I cum on this piece of shit! 23 more words

Is There Anyone Here With Me?

Look what I made out of a crappy end table left behind by my late Christian Aunt.

I’ve been manically painting the interior walls of this mold ridden, cookie cutter, paper thin walled house of my uncle’s and had some left over paint.   194 more words

Stuff And Thangs

Spring 2015 Tech Team

Hello again membership! Below is an exhaustive list of everyone who is assigned to a tech team, in case you ever need to check for one reason or another. 416 more words

Tech List

The Banality of Evil: Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Since I wasn’t aware that there are people who don’t know about the basic premise of this film and managed to casually spoil it for others for the second time, let me start with a disclaimer: 1,662 more words

Classic Films

Spring 2015 Cast List

If you got cast – congratulations. Check your emails, expect something from your directing team immediately – given the lost time they’ll want to get started as soon as possible. 236 more words


Spring 2015 Callbacks

CTRL-F your name. Or don’t. Whatever.

If you are called back for one or more shows: congratulations! Callbacks will take place from 1-6 PM in B36 TOMORROW, Saturday 1/31.  294 more words

Spring 2015

Get what you want...

Along with weed, comes sex. Sex is considered bad, especially gay sex. I am gay. I am a Satanist. Satan allows me to be gay and to have sex with whomever I please, whenever I please. 62 more words