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'Power Rangers: Decades of ethnicity and diversity

Over two and a half decades ago, a television producer named Haim Saban had the idea of adapting a popular, long-running, live-action Japanese superhero show called “Super Sentai” for a western audience. 387 more words

Have a look to the original 1992 Mighty Morphin' POWER RANGERS!

I have been a great fan of Power Rangers since its inception all way back in 1993. The pilot episode that started all and what would become a multi-million franchise, was first aired on my 8th birthday. 164 more words

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Hillary Clinton Returns to L.A. for Dinner Event at Home of Haim Saban (EXCLUSIVE)

Hillary Clinton attended a private dinner at the home of Haim and Cheryl Saban on Thursday night at an event that sources described as a thank you to 2016 campaign donors and an introduction to her plans to launch a political group, Onward Together. 261 more words


Wades World : GO, GO, POWER RANGERS!

Martheus and Anakin journey into the Morphing Grid to talk about Power Rangers the movie. Anakin gives his top 5 moments that he liked and didn’t like as the guys wait for Janet to come downstairs (which she never did). 61 more words


AoY Podcast #110 - Go Ghost Power in the Shell Rangers!!

Also known as: “How the end of the world is determined by a Krispy Kreme…”
and also: “I’m sure the bullies were labeled as Heroes…” 577 more words


Power Rangers (2017) Review

The original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV show was always big part of my childhood. What could be more awesome as a kid than watching superheroes with giant combining robots fighting monsters?. 990 more words