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Waves On Wednesday: Angled Bob With Highlights

It is so frustrating that I can’t remember to do things that I really need to do, like take pictures of my work in the salon.   527 more words

Hair And Makeup

Waves On Wednesday: A Formal Hair Checklist

One of my favorite times of year in the salon is Spring….dances, proms, and the beginning of wedding season! I am looking forward to formal styles, makeup, and the smiling faces of all my beautiful subjects! 543 more words

Hair And Makeup

Makeup and Hairstyling

And the Oscar goes to… Guardians of the Galaxy



Everyone Has An Opinion

People talk, a lot. We’re social beings as every sociology and psychology book will tell you. And then you have the Lebanese people who always fail to comprehend the following concepts: privacy and minding your own business. 1,137 more words

The 24th Project

Waves On Wednesday: Such A Tease!

What is the South’s most renowned hairstyle? You guessed it….BIG! The bigger the better, we like to say. Of course, not everyone has naturally big hair like I do. 673 more words

Hair And Makeup

39. Celebrating the Small Victories

My left hand is useless. It holds things, it plays half a clarinet, but otherwise, useless. Usually I only get nail polish on one hand, which I’d like to think has become a signature thing. Today, I managed both hands.

Writing 2015

Valentines Day Hair and Makeup

Something that I have always noticed is that when women are getting ready there just happens to be a little problem! We always seem to get hung up on what to do with our hair and makeup! 795 more words

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