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Hair-Brushing Nightmares and Sensory Processing Disorder

All little girls hate having their hair-brushed, right? Honestly, my boys aren’t all that thrilled with it either. My son, with his “hockey hair,” avoids it like the plague, and with “hat-trick skills,” shoves it into a hoodie or snow hat before I can catch him in the morning. 1,356 more words

No More Tears - The Kids Hairbrush That Really Works

It’s the little things that make parenting tricky. The daily nitty gritty of performing repetitive tasks that your child detests.  Up there with the twin evils of hair washing and cleaning teeth, another mundane but contentious chore lurks. 178 more words


i DO NOT like....


  • getting my nails cut!
  • toe nails are EVEN WORSE – sometimes at night i kinda rip pieces off them so they don’t have to be done!
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Demon Myths of Skin Care: The Real Truth Behind Them

When it comes to skin care, we’ve all been told some pretty big lies. We’re tired of the false demons: Armed with the truths, we can have healthier, happier skin — and not be engaging in regimes that sometimes do more harm than good! 1,301 more words

Skin Care

I’ve decided to go all week without brushing my hair just to see what happens.