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Long Hair, Don't Care!

As I keep looking through my Time Hop this month, I realize that August is typically the time of the year where I make changes. Not just small changes, big, life altering changes. 826 more words


Natural Hair Straightening and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Services in Atlanta, GA

Nina Ross is a passionate Black hair stylist Atlanta with 20+ years of extensive experience creating remarkable hair styles, satisfying clients and making them feel good about themselves. 369 more words

Organic Hair Salon Atlanta

8cm ROC, Chooks

A set of Japanese ROCs and Chooks coming in for sharpening

Sharpened and delivered the following day by Elx Blade Sharpeners (EBS)

Sharpening Blades

Natural Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA

Between battling traffic and looking for parking, getting to salon can be stressful, time-consuming, and nerve-racking. If you arrive late, staff is liable to give your time slot away. 363 more words

Organic Hair Salon Atlanta

Hairy lesson

Somebody…I don’t know who…… but anyway, somebody once told me that your skin complexion works best with your natural hair colour and by that I mean your true from birth given hair colour. 878 more words


Hairdressers... When they just don't understand...

Diary of a Mad PCOS Woman….

Just this past weekend after 6 long months since my last haircut, I had decided it was time for a change. 551 more words