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JT's Ultimate Mixtape: Ratt edition

Ratt burst onto the scene in 1984 with “Round and Round,” and refused to go away despite being critically panned over the years. The band’s most recent release came in 2010, and though singer Stephen Pearcy is not currently a member of Ratt, there is little doubt he will be back for more eventually. 352 more words


SONIC WAVES....Motley Crüe/Shout At The Devil

So Motley lays down the ground work with a absolute killer of a debut(Too Fast For Love) and now the big leagues call there name as record labels come sniffing around and smelling $$$$$! 1,420 more words

SONIC WAVES...Album Reviews

The mercy of the rising water.

My water heater went this morning, causing a minor basement flood and a few hours of irritation.

The flood didn’t destroy nearly as much crap as it should have, but there are a few wetted-down bits and scraps that are headed for the trash. 553 more words

Explain Yourself, Glorified Mixtape. Said No One Ever.

Just in case I do happen to amass any fans of internet radio and inept attempts at comedy, I figured that perhaps a fun little introduction would be fitting. 898 more words

General Updates

3/4's Filler...Triumph/Sport Of Kings

Geez you know I really dug Triumph I have reviewed Allied Forces(1981) as its one of my favs of there’s. Tbone had Never Surrender (1983) so I never bought it as we spun it a ton of times at his place. 839 more words

Hard Rock

Noise to Note! #83

Imagine one day you are on top of the world. Then suddenly, like an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, you are reduced to playing at Finkys Bar. 26 more words


SONIC WAVES.....Kiss/Animalize

This video is From the Animalize Tour it’s from Winnipeg of all places so I had to include it!

You know Animalize is one of those funny Kiss albums. 1,528 more words

SONIC WAVES...Album Reviews