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Rock n' Slurpee Attitude


Hey, anyone a fan of Poison?

This is their 1990 MTV Unplugged concert and the biker, bandanna, and trucker-tropes seems like a party, one jacuzzi over from the ole’ Beetlejuice ranch. 496 more words

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Geraldo Rivera and Heavy Metal Moms? Dunno about the Heavy Metal part so much, but check out Joey Ramone and his mom.

So you’ve got a Ramone, a guy from Jethro Tull, and in the spandex Hair Metal category Pretty Boy Floyd and Danger Danger representing, and their moms. 42 more words


Stereo Nasty announce album release

Fans of hair metal, it’s time to get the spray out! Kildare boys, Stereo Nasty have announced their debut album, Nasty By Nature, is set for release next month. 151 more words


Book Review: Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll: My Life In Rock by Stephen Pearcy

Everybody has heard about the excess and debauchery for which the 80’s were known, myself included, but never before have I seen it presented in such gritty, shocking, and honest detail. 1,092 more words

Revelations And Doorknobs

How Much of a Man Are You? '80s Hair Metal Explains It All

These days men can’t just be stone-crushing, elephant-lifting, six-pack having babe magnets. Now you have to have an amazing job, 401K, be a great father, and manscape. 90 more words