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Wanted Dead Or Alive

Last night I fancied listening to some Bon Jovi on my iPhone. Last night I discovered I have no Bon Jovi on my iPhone! That will be rectified in due course. 243 more words


Nobody's Fool

From Hollywood, California sorry Philadelphia, Pennsylvania comes a power ballad from Cinderella’s debut album Night Songs in today’s iPod shuffle.

This track is considered to be the bands break through track – it got inside the top 20 on the U.S. 133 more words


The Heroin Diaries, by Nikki Sixx

Short Take: Yeah, it’s the same old, same old situaaaaaaaation…..

Man, I love 80’s hair metal.  I’m probably revealing myself as an Old Person, but back in the day, I couldn’t get enough of Poison, Whitesnake, Winger, Warrant and all the rest of them.   632 more words

Motley Crue/Girls Girls Girls (1987)

1987 and I turn 20 years young while that same year Tbone turned 30! Hahahaha…Nope he didn’t he’s just 6 months older than me but hey when opportunity Knocks you gotta kick the door in to bug your best friend! 1,334 more words

Hard Rock

Def Leppard - Def Leppard (Sony Music)

About midway through the third track on Def Leppard’s new album you realise that Joe Elliott and company are having the last laugh. They really don’t care what you, I, or anyone else thinks of them any more; they love being in a band, they love being in their band, and, in 2015, with a successful and seemingly ever-lengthening summer arena tour to look forward to (and fall back on financially) every year, they’ll do whatever the hell they want when they release an album. 472 more words


Stryper - Fallen (Frontiers Music)

Whatever you think about Stryper’s reason for making music – their ‘ministry’ if you will – you’ve got to give the band props for rising above the tsunami-high levels of derision they’ve received from the metal community over the years and sticking to the task of rocking out – in fine style, for the most part. 579 more words

Heavy Metal

Bathroom Wall

Back to North Wales for another band making an appearance at Hard Rock Hell.

Residing in Hollywood, California – come on where else are they going to be from? 183 more words

Hard Rock Hell