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We Were Young Once, & Went to Motley Crue

Editor’s note: The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Now that I have your attention: My Motley Crue concert story. I have seen them twice back in the 80’s – first time I and three other guys went up early and hotel-ed it so we could pre-game the show like professionals. 892 more words

Steel Panther infects London (not that London, the other one)

Glam-rockers Steel Panther have found themselves in a unique position where they hold the place of bands they once parodied and paid homage to. The band’s career mirrors the words of Mötley Crüe’s Kickstart My Heart, “When we started this band all we needed was a laugh. 950 more words


Cool Vs Gah! Round 2....Poison...

Valley Of Lost Souls Vs Poor Boy Blue’s

Poison by album three (Flesh&Blood) have taken it up a notch! Everyone knows there deal and what to expect and Jingle Jangle Flesh & Blood sells a ton and overall it’s a pretty decent album that except for a few tracks I don’t really have a problem with. 439 more words

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Random Start: Skid Row - “Piece of Me”

Pretty sure that when I was 8 or 9 I used to headbang until my neck hurt during the end of this song.

Random Start

The Struts "Everybody Wants"

The Struts “Everybody Wants”

Regular readers will know that we love a bit of rock n roll, especially when played by a band with a bit of style and bravado. 347 more words


80s Song of the Day: Fallen Angel by Poison

Win big, mama’s fallen angel
Lose big, livin’ out her lies
Wants it all, mama’s fallen angel
Lose it all, rollin’ the dice of her life… 70 more words


Cool Vs Gah! Round 1.....Heavy Pettin....

Welcome To The Very First Post Of  What I’m Calling…..

Cool Vs Gah!

Do you like that title? ( Aaron over at the KMA Site once or well a few times answered his emails with a simple Gah! 573 more words

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