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Gif time again! GIFs are so much fun and easy to make – don’t know why I haven’t made more of them (yes I do, the old I don’t have enough time excuse). 92 more words

Hairy Goat

After scribbling down many ideas, I end up going with covering my goat with creepy crawly hair and then some. The owner of Matterhorn Mini Golf… 50 more words


Recent "Hair Monster" Drawings

This post is way overdo. Typically, I make at least 10  pieces a year and end up only liking 3-4 of them. The fact that it’s less permanent than paint on canvas is a blessing and a curse. 196 more words


Out of Control

I like it when the studio starts looking this cluttered. Four of these pieces will be placed in the “vault”, not to be seen ever again. 17 more words


Mood Swing Doodles

I’ve been trying to start a collaborative project with Laura Spicer, Amanda Zenobio and Anne Saffron, so my mind and projects have been everywhere. 168 more words


Hairy WIPs (These are Taking Forever!)

As promised, here are some progress photos with close-ups:

It’s a pretty straight-forward post. Getting to the meditative stages in all three drawings. One of the reasons why they’re taking forever is because I’m constantly going back in forth between the charcoal and the kneaded eraser. 36 more words


"Look What I Found!" and So On...

This post is mainly a “I’m not dead yet” update. Also, I wanted to get the last post out of the way. I couldn’t stand looking at the ugly experiment and I’m in denial that it came from me. 227 more words