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I Tried to Discipline My Employee and She Brought Me a Doctor’s Note

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Hey Kelly-I’m hoping you can help!

I’m a pretty new team leader, and I manage a team of call center employees in a facility of about 150 employees. 1,525 more words

Solve HR Inc.

6 Easy Ways to Drive Away Great Talent

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There has been a lot of attention on the dismal levels of employee engagement lately. 811 more words



There’s nothing funny about Michael Jackson’s hair catching on fire during his 1984 PEPSI commercial shoot….

OKAY– YES there is.. because Michael Jackson wasn’t the first and he surely won’t be the last to have his hair catch on fire. 69 more words


I'm an idiot... :D

So, yeah, well… Vince is not the only one who got embarrassed today. :)

Let me tell you today’s blooper.

I was at a restaurant, sitting at a table, waiting. 129 more words


Hair on Fire Literally

This morning I was watching the news on WPIX channel 11 in New York and I saw a story on the news of a new technique that a hairstylist was using fire  to cut hair . 220 more words



“Hey Mom, remember when that kid caught his hair on fire…”

“July 4th. You were, what, five?”

“It was crazy. Wasn’t his mom’s wedding the next day?” 18 more words


5SOS's Michael Clifford Set On-Fire During Their Concert!

5 Seconds of Summer puts on a hot show (as in for real hot with pyrotechnics) and guitar player Michael Clifford got a little too close to the planned firing/explosion and caught on fire DURING the concert! 94 more words