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Is That A Thing? - Scratching

How can something so simple feel so darn good?

When you think about scratching during sex, it’s usually the woman doing the scratching. The most familiar mental picture must simply be this: long fingernails dragging down a muscular back while the man on top. 683 more words

Kinky Dungeon


Since childhood I have suffered from Trich (let’s just shorten that bad boy) in one form or another. I was the only kid at school with a full on bald patch and although I no longer pull hair out, the Trich manifests itself in other ways even as an adult. 562 more words

A Beginner’s Guide to Treating Trichotillomania

A Beginner’s Guide to Treating Trichotillomania: Separating Science from Pseudoscience

Ali M. Mattu, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

I often tell my colleagues that trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) represents the wild west of psychological disorders. 1,705 more words


Trich Update

It’s been about a month now since I shaved my head and I have to admit I haven’t made a ton of progress. I wish I could say I had tiny little baby hairs growing where I’d pulled out chunks – actually, that’s true. 876 more words


I Am Free

I was on Pinterest the other night, scrolling through pictures of cute little succulents, animals, and far away places, when a quote caught my eye.  It was Galatians 5:1, which says, … 729 more words


I don't dress up much anymore

It didn’t happen over night.  The constant berating, the yelling, the fighting, the tearing down of my very existence.  The hurtful words, the name calling, the hair pulling, the hitting.   419 more words

Some Helpful Tips for Dealing with Trichotillomania

I’ve spent a lot of time pulling hair and I’ve also spent a lot of time seeking treatment for it, too.  I’ve seen many different doctors and tried many different methods to stop pulling hair.   1,627 more words