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Jay became a weakness. He still to this day doesn’t know this, but I would have done ANYTHING to be with him. To make him want me. 875 more words


Immune Disorders Tied to Mental Illness?

Wow! This is my pet hypothesis, that mental illness is caused by immunological factors, and may even be an auto-immune disease. Well here, ladies and gentlemen, a bone marrow transplant cures mice of compulsively pulling out their hair! 483 more words


self-mutilation and suicidal ideations  while in your 30s

so, here I am. awake. despite the begiing and pleading and bargaining with Great Powers-That-Be.

and I forgot to make my SI pack to bring to work. 204 more words


Having A Grip On Trich!

Yesterday at my therapy session we touched base on me having Trichotillomania. My therapist wondered why I had put that on the form. Since It seems I have over come it. 523 more words

Everyday Life

Violent predicament fighting bondage

Cavia, you never tie me up!!!

Noo, that’s too much! I’m gonna kick you!!! Even with two futomomo on my legs, yeah, I’ll try!

Ouch, my hair!!


Starting over

Okay so I have been avoiding my blog long enough. I went almost 3 months with no picking and then I failed. Miserably. One thing that I am grateful, however, is the lessons that I learned that can make me better as I prepare to set a new goal for myself. 425 more words