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Picky Picky

Most everyone has some weird nervous tick they’ve picked up along the way. They bite their nails. They grit their teeth. They bite their pencils. I would guess that most people have no idea why they do these things and wish they could just stop. 844 more words


How long?

How long does it take to regrow hair?

“For a post-pubescent or young adult, it takes about 65 days for eyebrows to regrow following plucking. For a mature adult, it will take about 56 days for eyebrow hair to regrow and about 73 days for a person at retirement age.” … 74 more words


9 Weeks!

I have been pull free for 9 Weeks!!! Whoo hoo!! I am very proud of myself!!!! I still have some patches of brows and lashes that I wish would grow in already, but I am glad I haven’t furthered the damage. 8 more words


The Uneven Regrowth and What-Am-I-Going-to-Do-With-This-Hair Phase

The hardest time to avoid pulling hair is when the hair mania worlds collide–it’s itchy, there are sores, the regrowth is uneven with some remaining bald patches, I’m hormonal, there are gray hairs everywhere, it’s weird-looking no matter what I do, and I can’t pay my bills. 463 more words

Hair Pulling

Trichotillomania Recovery Day 3-10

I failed. That’s why I didn’t update this. Shame, shame on me. I pulled out the biggest spot so far and I can’t hide it. Paint only helps so much. 94 more words


Doing well

So far so good! I think I can confirm that my bad urge episode was due to mascara. I have not had 1 single urge since then and it is great to have some “normalcy” in my life… a new normal. 61 more words


Hard Day

Yesterday. Was. AWFUL!!!! Omg the horror. Lol. I’m talking urge after urge after urge and it was pure torture!!!!!! SO AWFUL!!!!
BUT…. I didn’t pick! It was sooooooooooooo hard! 292 more words