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Few friends, relatives, associates etc know about my struggle with the disorder trichotillomania. My battle with trichotillomania may be viewed by some as minor but its effects on me have been major.  708 more words

Mental Health Awareness

Roommates and Red Wine, Episode XI

You lay awake later that night reliving your office encounter with Matt.  The sheets beneath you are soaked from the orgasm you finished moments before…and the one you experienced an hour before that from your vibrator as you thought of him.   933 more words

Erotic Fantasy

Roommates and Red Wine, Episode X

You have not seen Matt in several days.  You’ve been working longer hours and he’s been working nights.  Three nights ago you started sleeping naked in hopes that he will sneak into your room when he gets home and wake you up with his mouth or cock. 1,320 more words

Erotic Fantasy

Aspergers and Stimming: Hair-Pulling

I have a question for my Aspie readers: How many of you regularly engage in something called “stimming,” which means repetitive, self-stimulating activities? I’m talking about things such as foot-tapping, finger-biting, playing with pens, making noises with your mouth, bouncing up and down, messing with your hair – stuff that you find yourself doing impulsively, usually when you’re really bored or nervous. 734 more words

Asperger Syndrome

Roommates and Red Wine, Episode IX

“Oh my god!” Matt is saying as you stand back up. He smiles and pulls you into him.  “You can do that to me whenever you want,” he says, referring to the long blowjob and titty-fuck you just gave him.   1,167 more words

Erotic Fantasy

High school drill team dance-off turns into vicious hair-pulling brawl

If you’ve seen Step Up or You’ve Got Served, you know what a friendly dance-off is supposed to look like.

Well, think again.

Two rival high school drill teams decided to have a dance-off after a recent football game at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium in Dallas, Texas. 190 more words


Sweaty hair...

I’m usually pretty busy-kids, a dog, a husband, volunteering, etc. You get the idea. These random texts make my day.

“I have this overwhelming urge to fuck you from behind while pulling your sweaty hair.” 6 more words