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Introducing Trichjournal

I’ve been really struggling with my hair pulling lately. It goes through phases: sometimes I can go several days without pulling and sometimes it’s like my fingers are velcro-ed to my head. 293 more words


Tips for Dealing with Trich

Fellow trichsters,

We all have our own ways of dealing with those powerful urges, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. I personally try to do whatever I can, no matter how weird, to get over the urge. 337 more words

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Good Hairs

Trichotillomania (trĭk’ō-tĭl’ə-mā’nē-ə) n.
A compulsion to pull out one’s own hair.

I was ten years old, riding in the passenger seat of my grandmother’s silver sedan as we cruised along the twists and turns of Devilbiss Bridge Road, winding our way through the checkered farmland just outside of Walkersville, MD, when my right eye started to itch.

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Mental Health

Other women don’t tell you when it really starts (or how terrible twos hit like clockwork)

November 6th

Because any day can feel like the beginning of a new phase in your child’s development. Because every day is, to some extent. Phases. 1,575 more words


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell is an Irish actor who has been in many well known films. Colin struggled in school because it didn’t interest him, he didn’t try and he got into many fights. 108 more words

Self Harm

La polaridad de la ansiedad

Cuando empecé mi tratamiento en la clínica de ansiedad, la psicóloga me dijo que el proceso sería como una montaña rusa. Unos días me sentiría bien y otros estaría mal. 403 more words

Off with the hat!

Alrighty y’all this is a big deal for me! For 17 years this disease has crippled my self esteem. Being unable to control your own actions while watching yourself hurt yourself is hard. 167 more words