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The Kinks in my Hair

Ever since I took the step to cut off my permed or “relaxed” hair and allow my hair to grow back in its natural form, I have noticed the way people look at me when I decide to go out in public with an afro.  413 more words

Natural Hair Care Tips

I ran into the library this week to look for some movies, then it hit me. There are books about every topic, and especially with the popularity of re-embracing natural hair, I’m sure I can find some books about natural hair care.   426 more words

Current Hair Routine

Many people are recently asking me what do I use on my hair, how do I maintain it, is it hard to upkeep? These have been to most popular hair questions I’ve received as of late. 404 more words

General Natural Stuff

Choosing The Right Hair.

The question that is asked over and over again is what type of hair should I order. There are many variety of hair choices such as, Brazilian Wavy to Malaysian Straight. 351 more words

Hair Texture

“If you would speak with a vegetarian you often hear stories of how great the life of a vegetarian/vegan is and how their skin and hair improved.

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Curly Hair

Approximately four years ago I decided to transition my hair, I wanted to play with the elasticity of my hair: better yet I wanted to rock my natural hair.

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Curly Hair

Haircrush - ME!

Dear readers,

Whenever I ask people who is their haircrush, it’s 50-50. It’s either “I don’t have one”  or “I have many X, Y, Z, and A, B, C, D, etc.” 437 more words

Natural Hair