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February Frenchie

February is upon us with all of its frosty glory! February is most often times like a well kept secret of spring, whispering sweet lullabies of what is to come. 256 more words

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Side French Braids on Natural Hair with Extensions

I haven’t done a natural hair tutorial in a while, so here it goes, this video shows my go-to natural hairstyle…

JG x


Dutch Braid Updo 

I love a Dutch Braid! A Dutch Braid is just the fancy name for the “inside out” braid or “under braid”. It’s just a standard braid where the strands are braided under instead of over and is perfect for styles where you would expand a braid by pulling the edges. 271 more words


Glam Hair Don't Care: Part Two

Hi Everyone

I hope you are well. I was meant to post this last year but I just wasn’t feeling it. Refer to my blog post ( 65 more words

Unwashed Hairstyles!

Hi Guys,

I’m really trying to cut down on hair washing as every day just kills my hair! But dealing with greasy hair is the worst so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for some super quick hair ideas to deal with unwashed hair. 9 more words

My Go-To Lazy Day Hairstyle

Hi my loves! Today I’m doing a really simple post on my go to, lazy day hair style. This hair style looks pretty easy (and it is!) but so many of my friends including my mom, always ask me how I do my hair in this low-rise bun all the time. 294 more words

Pink Pewter Pretty of the Week

We can’t get enough of our #PinkPewter babes, so we are devoting a post to one account a week, showcasing our favorite Pink Pewter looks they created. 65 more words