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A New Twist on Braids: An Overlaid French Braid

The prettiest plaits aren’t just one technique but often the combination and interweaving of a few. Dutch to fishtails, fishtails to your basic braid—these mergers and fusions of various hairstyles could be the basis of one of those really hard word problems you have to solve in math class where you have to figure out all the different combos you can end up. 339 more words


Spring Fling!

Mi época preferida del año ha llegado!! El sol, la playa, unos buenos drinks en la alberca… ojalá las vacaciones duraran meses y meses para disfrutar éstas delicias!. 393 more words


Styling "second day" hair

For me personally, the second day after I’ve washed my hair is usually the best. It just styles better. Curls hold on a bit longer because the hair isn’t too soft, it has more grip to it. 439 more words


A New Twist on Braids: Fishtail Pigtails With Ribbons

Of all the braids to signal a nautical notion, the fishtail braid is the clear cut winner. It’s got aquatic life built in its name, and because of that, it’s a favorite when the warmer weather starts to creep up. 418 more words


How To: Crown Braid

Some know it as the “Heidi” braid others are used to hearing “Milkmaid” braid, and many refer to it as a “Crown” braid. Whichever name you prefer is just fine with me. 307 more words


Ponytail with a new twist!

Bored of the plain old ponytail? This is a way to spice it up in just a few minutes! A hair style which is suitable for almost any occasion. 30 more words

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