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5 month hair update

5 month hair update from my bob cut in June 21st 2015

– I trimmed my hair on Tue 3 Nov 2015, took 2cm’s off… 174 more words

Hair Update

Hair Update: Another New Color?

So if you read my last post, you would know that I have finally came to the conclusion that my hair is damaged. It’s a horrible thing to look around at your fellow Curlies and see their hair flourishing when your hair is not shrinking and clumping up like it is supposed to. 161 more words

Hair update...

The new beginning..

These last two years were full of surprise for my hair: hair loss, breakage and more. In 5 years on returning to natural, I had a strong capillary growth at the beginning, but with the breakage the length of my hair did not moved. 250 more words

Non Classé

This Week I did...

I really wanted to cut my hair into a short bob thinking that will help it grow and then I smacked myself and cut my wig into a wavy bob instead. 278 more words

Hair Relationship

Hair & Skin Update

I thought I would post these photos since washing my hair tonight after doing a coconut oil treatment on it and then blow drying it and flat-ironing it. 191 more words

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3 month hair update


I had cut my hair into a really short Bob on June 21st 2015, this is 3 months later, to the date.

After relaxing my hair on Friday, just gone, I had noticed that my hair was significantly longer, so thought a picture would be appropriate. 51 more words

Hair Update


You guys have been asking for an update on my sissys’ hair for a minute so here it is! Last week, they were both in town visiting and we decided to go to a restaurant here called Anjou for brunch. 65 more words