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How To Maintain Your Curls

There are two types of perm

Digital (hot) Perm

Cold Perm

The difference between other perm and digital perm is the shape and the texture of the waves created by the digital process. 428 more words

How To Naturally Change your Hair Color At Home

This is worth giving a go as you and I well know the stuff they put in our hair most of the time is not good for it… 719 more words


Gotas de brillo la milagrosas

Cocktail of natural oils that fortify, nourish, condition, soften and give high shine to hair. The regenerative properties provided by each of the components of this product nourish the strand of the hair to the roots, making the hair silky, nourished, shiny and hydrated, eliminating frizz due to its high absorption power in the hair follicle. 61 more words


Wrecked Heart

In the rumble, she stumbled, the soot slipping into her eyes
She shielded her eyes against the dust that was settling everywhere

She first saw his blood stained shirt then his dirty face… 150 more words


Holding Head

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Filippa: A New Style, and a Problem

Filippa, the newest release from Alli&Ali Designs Mainstore, gives me a migraine. Let me explain:

It’s cute. It comes in all the colors you see above. 149 more words