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Weekly Favourites / Review

Good evening my love little friendlings!

Now I am so sorry, this blog was supposed to be up earlier than anticipated, but family duty called today! 383 more words

Sunday Secret: Easily remove hair dye staining from skin

It’s been what feels like ages since my last post but the main thing is that I’m back and posting. I have so many exciting things to review and new posts in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you all. 246 more words


7 Tricks to add more volume to your hair

1. Toss your hair to the side

Is your hair always the same? Then it’s time to change that.
Throw your hair a little to the side, the effect? 259 more words


Fairytale week at the Chateau De Lisse

Welcome to the Chateau De Lisse, in the South of France. It still feels a little bit cereal that I spent a week staying here. I think it must be the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. 371 more words

Hair adventures

I went to beauty school almost 20 years ago and swore when I started that I was not going to be the hairdresser who always changed her hair, well I was dumb and the career in a salon was short lived but I did develop an addiction to changing my hair. 129 more words

Makeup vs. Hairstyling!

Hairstyling… or makeup? That is the question.

Vote in comments and email (or any written form of communication) for either makeup or hairstyling. The contest ends on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. 79 more words