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The BIG chop!

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel.

This will probably be posted on Tuesday, which by then it would be four days since I did my big chop!

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Haircut Conundrum DAY 27/31 March SOL

Since highschool, I have pretty much had the same haircut – I tried bangs for a few months Senior Year, BUT normally, I just get my hair trimmed a few inches and re-layered. 137 more words

Real-life Reflections

It's not supposed to be this easy.

I have been positively blown away by how lucky I’ve been and how good that the system has been to me. I called my PCP’s office to see if I could get in earlier than my next med check to discuss the potential of starting hormones at some point after my bariatric surgery. 134 more words


4 Reasons Changing Your Hair Can Totally Change Your Life

I’ve been going through a lot of major life changes recently. Moving countries, moving cities within that country, and changing careers. But the biggest change of all has been my hair. 818 more words

Cruelty Free

Why I Am Shaving My Head

More people than ever are experiencing alopecia. Hair loss from drugs, chemo, cancer, chronic illness, hormonal imbalance.

I am priveleged that my mane is thick and healthy, an adaptable color and medium wave. 776 more words


Has anyone ever told you...

There are many ways to finish the title of this post. Has anyone ever told you…

…you look great tonight?

…you look like Keira Knightley? 258 more words


Emotional Trauma Is A Hair Hazard

Winter has always been the season when I feel the most down of all the seasons. I love the spring, summer and fall – so beautiful,  but not winter, I just can’t take the darkness and the cold. 322 more words