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Kicking off July 4th Weekend with a New 'Do

A few posts ago, I talked about wanting to try out a new look. Well, it looks like I actually did the damn thing. Only instead of going for a “lob,” my stylist was all, “Eh, just go shorter, it’ll grow anyway,” and the low and behold, I walk out of the salon with a BOB. 184 more words

Post Grad

Chop it Off: My New Hair

So I did it. Yes, I actually cut my hair short. Chopped it off. Gone.

Sitting in a chair in front of the mirror at the hairdressers can be daunting, any doubt amplified x10. 167 more words




Happy to pay the Electric

Me and the wife squared away….

Whether or not I needed,

Got a haircut and shower today! 32 more words

Caswell Limerick Poem

Learning Opportunities Abound

The world is full of wonderful and odd ways to learn things.  I guess that was the basis for the novel Q&A (also known as Slumdog Millionaire).  467 more words


15 Dogs Who Would Like To Have A Word With Their Owners About A Haircut.

We all do what we can to stay cool and comfortable in the summer, and it’s no different for our four legged friends. They have it worse than we do with their constant fur coat, so kind owners will often give them a refreshing trim.

Day 260 - Coffee for Dinner

Finally managed to squeeze in a new haircut. My coffee here substituted for dinner for a while. It was great and relaxing and lovely and I’ve got a ‘grown-out bob’ now, get me. 7 more words

100 Happy Days


This is almost totally true except for the fact that the lady cutting my hair had two girlfriends in the salon with her and for much of the time my head was compressed by three sets of boobs rather than just merely one as they passed the time of day over my poor noggin! 103 more words