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Hot off the Press - 26th June 2017

Not much to bang on about for the week that was…….didn’t feel like I ‘kicked any goals’ so to speak.

My mum was down literally for only 24 hours in which time we drove several suburbs out of our way to get my new Dripolator coffee machine. 813 more words

Hell On Wheels

Short Please!

I’ve decided to cut my long locks a few weeks ago, and have I not regretted it once. The funny thing is that the hairdresser seemed to be more heartbroken about it than myself. 154 more words


Naza Zone

Attending an event  ? In need of a new hair style ? A new colour ? Or maybe you just want to take care of them ? 183 more words


Week 24: Haircuts and Baseball

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are doing well, trying new things and doing well. This week my something new was a simple one, and technically something I’ve done before, yet still something that makes me anxious whenever the time comes to do it.  768 more words

Spidey Woman

Spiderwoman, Spiderwoman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,

Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderwoman.

Be Beautiful

Le clitoris, walking and talking and a better hairdresser

The clitoris animation.

Walking and talking to mum on my way to my haircut. I was in a really good mood.

Getting a different hairdresser. 9 more words

SPECIAL REPORT: Is Supercuts Stereotyping Against Bald Men?

Every American has been to a Supercuts at one point in their lives, whether it was for a drastic new look, a cheap touchup before an important interview, or to eat hair off of the floor because that Eastern European guy said it was the only way you could star in his movie. 622 more words