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4 signs it's time to get a haircut

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

We’ll admit it’s not always easy to tell when you need a haircut, or if it can wait another week or so. 290 more words


The joy of autumn (and of bucking the trend)

I have felt surprisingly springy this year as we move into autumn. I’m not wholly sure why: the work side of life has been monstrously busy over the past month (I feel totally steamrollered most of the time, and I seem to have permanently lost the ability to shape words and deliver them in the order in which they need to appear in order to make sense), and the home side of things hasn’t exactly been as calm as a millpond. 748 more words

What about today

What about today …yes thats the question i am asking myself right now …

Who is this person ..why did u went out running in the morning when u dont even like this healthy lifestyle… 416 more words