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It's Finally Happened!

My hairless cats have gotten fleas :-( I am blaming the rabbit (now-deceased :-( ). I put a treatment on them, and by the next morning they had nary a flea on them. 224 more words


HCM and Your Cat

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a mouthful to say, and a common disease in cats. Many owners of cats with this disease will never even know that their cat has it. 352 more words


The "Bald" Cats

Fact: There are a lot of different fur-challenged fancy-cats out there.

You’ve probably seen the Sphynx cat in the news occasionally as the breed has developed over the past five decades.   716 more words

House Cats

International Cat Day

Do you want to know what one of my cats did to me today? On International Cat Day?

About gave me a heart attack this morning! 124 more words


If You Are Thinking About a Hairless Sphynx for a Pet...

… mind you, I would not give up my boys for anything. But I had to bathe Franklin today after he had a bath a week ago. 73 more words


Dressing Your Cat!

I buy Franklin clothes so he doesn’t have to hang out on the heater vents all day; and he gets mad…