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Wash day blues

I love that afro hair doesn’t need to be washed every single day (gosh, so drying!). However, wash day DOES eventually roll around and I always make it one of my days off because… having, uh … “complicated hair days” when you’re getting ready for work in a Eurocentric society is a no-no. 863 more words


Day 100 10 April - plat

Photo number 100!

Our morning rituals are frantic. Even though I am up by 6:30am I don’t seem to get myself nor the kids ready on time to leave home by 8:30am. 212 more words

My 2017 Photo Dairy

Tips&tricks pentru un par sanatos

Parul lung, puternic si stralucitor este pe lista de dorinte a tuturor femeilor. Expus zilnic la poluare, praf, murdarie si soare este aproape imposibil sa reusesti sa obtii sau sa mentii asta. 455 more words

11 Ways to Get Stronger Hair

How to Strengthen Your Hair

STRONG, SHINY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR IS EVERY GIRL’S DREAM. But if you are suffering from dry, dull looking color, breakage, split ends, excessive shedding it can seem impossible to do anything to your hair. 747 more words


Benefits of Head Wraps

Benefits of Head Wraps

Another bad hair day? Or just want a lazy hair day? It’s ok, we all have those hair days.  Maybe it’s raining, snowing, windy, it just won’t style right, it doesn’t matter. 734 more words


Mi Salon Series Hair Product Review

I TRY to look after my hair relatively well. I rarely use heat tools and I’m in the process of growing out all my dyed hair so that all I have left is my natural ‘virgin’ hair. 1,784 more words


How To Pin Curl Your Hair

Many of us these days have either a curling iron or a straightener that can curl your hair. Majority of homes at least have a hand held hairdryer. 589 more words