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Anxiety, My Old Friend

As many of you may have noticed, it has been about one month without any blog posts. I fully intended on posing other blog posts over the past month. 1,063 more words


Updated Hair & Makeup Before & After

Thankyou for the positive feedback regarding my before & after pictures on normal women like yourself! Here is some of my recent work & you will find that I am not a one trick pony as I can manage the biggest diva stars & models through to housewives. 83 more words

Makeup Artist North Shore

My top 8 tips to getting a new hairstyle

I very often find myself wanting to change up my hairstyle to something fresh and easy for me to manage. So when this happens the main question I end up having to ask myself is, ‘what hairstyle will suit me?’ In asking that question my next question is normally whatever I get done, will I be able to afford it? 338 more words


Hair Chronicles

The never ending story of hair

So let’s face it the longest running universal problem in most of our lives is hair.

I mean come on…we all have had bad hair days, right?   391 more words


Busy Moms Hairstyling Hacks

                         **** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine****

Do I even have to add busy infront of mom isn’t that obvious that we are not just busy but super busy and hairstyling is the last thing that comes to our mind right.But I believe hairstyle add a lot of fresh change to life but are we always satisfied with the hairstyle we opt for.For me when I go short I miss my long tresses and when they are long I feel like cutting them short.When I try something new I get bored after few days and wish to change my style again. 293 more words


Here’s Why Professionals Are Queuing For Hairstyling Diploma In Brampton

Education is the way to excel. Whether you are an astronaut, or a doctor, or a teacher, or a hairdresser the way to improve your skills at work is education. 438 more words

Hairstyling Diploma Brampton

Not Your Momma’s Hair Mousse 20-Year Stylist and Natural Curl Guru with Tips on Mastering Mousse

Styling mousse first came on the scene back in the 80’s when big hair was the thing. Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston were the ladies who set the hair trends back then. 968 more words