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My fight for Freedom from my internal opressor

I despise the act of hair removal. God it such a pain in the hole no matter what form it comes in or approach you go for. 549 more words

In response to... James Damore's Echo Chamber

Echo. Source: bilan

Welcome to my echo. It’s funny, because this guy without meaning to, created his own sound in a cave, which is now reverberating about the internet. 764 more words

Hairy Armpits

Body Hair

When I was 13, I enlisted the help of my 15 year old friend and her mum in my battle against my mother to let me shave my legs. 889 more words

Women and exercise - 'you don't have to'

Love the Skin. Source: stacie joy

So, this is a little thought about the strange situation women are in in terms of exercise, our relationship to the world and to ‘body shaming’. 508 more words

Hairy Armpits

Millennial Women Opt Not To Shave Underarms

By Grace Vasquez

It’s a trend that more female millennials have begun following: they don’t shave their underarms or legs. This hairy armpit thing is something Hollywood has been pushing on us for several years and it seems to finally be taking hold. 167 more words


Peaceful promise

I’d like you to join me, in starting with this pledge to allegiance for peace:


I promise, from this day on, to try to contribute to peace on this planet. 200 more words

Hairy Armpits