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Why women are not sl*ts- they are temples

Sri Harmandir Sahib. Source: WordPress

I see myself as a Goddess. If I value myself and my body and decide that it is sacred – does that mean no one can come inside and visit? 420 more words

Hairy Armpits

Ten reasons not to use the word sl*t

Legs. Source: Awesome Jelly

If you’re reading my blog, I am probably preaching to the choir, but here goes, ten reasons not to call anyone a slut. 512 more words

Hairy Armpits

I have Hairy Armpits

So, I was sitting on the bathroom floor a while back (like I often do, it’s where I do all my best thinking) and I saw my razor and shaving foam on the side. 236 more words


Word play : SLUT

Slut the play. Source:Arts effect 

Warning: NSFW

Ok, so this one is about the word: slut.

I think this one may actually be more offensive than cunt.  893 more words

Hairy Armpits

Anxiety, jealousy, depression: It's not who you are

Ok, so I am stealing this off a friend of mine, a three principles practitioner… this wisdom is just too good to keep to myself. 474 more words

Hairy Armpits

Soldiers are human, too

Soldier and boy. Source: wow amazing

This is a post I thought I would do as most soldiers and the general population are encouraged to see other soldiers through the lens of enemy images. 301 more words

Hairy Armpits