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He Came From Touching My Hairy Arm Pits

So as you all know I am busy as hell with school and I haven’t worked in weeks so I stopped by the club last night since I have lots of things coming up and I need money. 651 more words

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In response to... International Women's Day 2017

Women’s Day. Source: februarycalendars

This being a feminist website, I thought I’d best talk about the one day a year dedicated to celebrating women!

I usually don’t take much notice of it (which is perhaps ignorant, considering Annie Lennox’s wonderful and inspiring speech about the coming together of women of this day) as I write often about this subject, and I see everyday as a chance to inspire women; I see everyday as women’s day already. 222 more words

Hairy Armpits

The garden that grows on my body

Me and the dead skin cells that leave my body to form long, thick, dark strands have never really gotten along.

In other words, I have a complicated relationship with my hair. 1,027 more words


Why women are not sl*ts- they are temples

Sri Harmandir Sahib. Source: WordPress

I see myself as a Goddess. If I value myself and my body and decide that it is sacred – does that mean no one can come inside and visit? 420 more words

Hairy Armpits

Ten reasons not to use the word sl*t

Legs. Source: Awesome Jelly

If you’re reading my blog, I am probably preaching to the choir, but here goes, ten reasons not to call anyone a slut. 512 more words

Hairy Armpits

I have Hairy Armpits

So, I was sitting on the bathroom floor a while back (like I often do, it’s where I do all my best thinking) and I saw my razor and shaving foam on the side. 236 more words