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Sapporo 北海道, Japan 

After saying goodbye to the friends we made from hostel and couch surfing meetup, we started our 21 day journey in other parts of Japan and eventually would end up in Kagoshima. 725 more words


Hairy Crab Dumplings

A visit to the Din Tai Fung location at Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai, browsing the menu, eyes honed in right on the Pork an Hairy Crab dumplings. 99 more words


Review: Hairy Crab Oolong from Mainland China

In Chinese, “wu” or “oo” means black. “Long” means dragon. So it is elementary deduction (my dear Watson) that “wulong ” or “oolong” will mean black dragon. 560 more words


New beauty gadget

got a new hair dryer…

highly recommend to those with fizzy hair

After I used it for 2 days, my hubby is already asking me if I have a hair treatment… 102 more words

Sat Kitchen

Hairy Crab Season, the Chinese Mitten Crab.

Hairy Crab is currently in season.  You will find them inside large glass display cases from most seafood vendors.  It’s the perfect time to eat it as the China government officials dare not ingest because of the current anti-corruption graft campaign.   178 more words

Hong Kong