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Nanjing Cuisine

Nanjing Cuisine

Nanjing’s culinary scene is an offshoot of Huaiyang Cuisine, one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines. Flavours are concentrated but dishes are refined and light, focusing on seasonality and emphasizing the balance of taste with colour. 548 more words


Cheng Long Hang 成隆行蟹王府 @ Shanghai, China

Even though it was not crab season during our visit, we still could not resist looking for crab dishes.  One can tell from the name of the restaurant that it specialises in crabs. 164 more words

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Hairy Crabs are Back in Singapore! Where to Find the Best Ones and How to Eat Them

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What is a hairy crab? What’s the best way to enjoy it? MANDY LIM BEITLER gets top tips from Chinese executive chef Liu Ching Hai from Summer Palace at Regent Singapore, and also shares where you can satisfy those crustacean cravings. 128 more words


How to de-shell a hairy crab in 3 minutes

Video produced by Vicky Feng for the South China Morning Post 

Hairy crab season is well underway with several restaurants around town offering these prized crustaceans in late November or early December, but many people have trouble de-shelling them. 19 more words

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Hairy Crabs

I first had hairy crab in Hong Kong in 2013. The whole shop basically sells hairy crab and you choose the size you like.

They steam it for you and you collect half an hour later. 118 more words


Hairy Crab feast at Wan Hao Marriott (万豪轩)

It’s hairy crab season! Dear Wolls knowing that I had not had hairy crab before decided to take me chomping at Wan Hao Marriott. Having heard much of hairy crabs, I couldn’t wait! 566 more words


Shanghai 2015, more food and snacks

Shanghai is a land of top restaurants. To name a few, there’s ultraviolet, Mr and Mrs. Bund, elefante, South beauty, lost heaven, and many more. 921 more words