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Is that you, Magnum?

So not only do I have the gall to ovulate and so forth but I also have a moustache.

About half an hour ago, post workout, I whipped upstairs to change (shower yet to come) but also took the time to remove the hair from my upper lip. 636 more words

Spring harvest, LOL

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It’s Insanely Brilliant! By Mort Murphy

The author gives a humourous account of his experiences of sprinting in high heels, dressed as a woman

Dedicated to:

Carlow’s Annual Stiletto Sprint

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Short Stories

The Third Day of the Moth - BunKaryudo

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What a beauty she was, and in the prime of life! I couldn’t help but edge forward a little in the darkness, trying to sneak a closer look without alerting her to my presence. 37 more words


[Comic] When chronic illness changes you

I’m on fire this last week. Four posts? Who even does that?! ME! But seriously. I’ve spent my downtime between moving having some deep-and-meaningful thoughts about life, the universe and everything and this comic is the result of that. 66 more words

Sexual Freedom Truly Is Freeing

“I believe when we’re able to fully own and express ourselves, we are able to tap into a creative power deeply rooted from our sexual energy – our creative energy.

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The least threatening person in the room

The girls and I have a play date tonight with a woman I met at the library last weekend. Her kids are the exact same age as mine, and she was wearing leggings as pants, too, so I know there’s major friendship potential here. 729 more words