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I can always tell when someone is pulling my leg. I see the hand imprint in the hair.

It's time to make hairy legs beautiful again.

I was fifteen years old and still in my blue checkered school dress. I lay on a white table in a small white room, watching as my dignity was literally ripped away, strip by strip. 720 more words


Shave minutes off your shower routine

By Jane Matthews
Flapjack Chronicle

Humboldt County is known for a lot of things, some of which being its astounding natural scenery, diverse population, and Subaru Outbacks. 348 more words

Student Views

At last!!! An outlet for all the super-intimate details I love enforcing on strangers

I was going to call this DIARY OF A BAD FEMINIST, but unfortunately I feel that the generic-sounding nature of that title would detract from what a radical life-altering tract this is going to be for the sassy patriarchy smashing babes of generation Y2K. 489 more words

Stages of Hair Acceptance

We’ve written a lot about shaving here on DDP. Reyes wrote about why she shaves her pubic hair, but not her leg hair. Nadia Morris wrote about the… 768 more words

Body Image

Face Your Fears

Fears are just lumps of uncomfortable emotion – there’s nothing  to be scared of.