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Courage to Keep it Real

Yesterday, I was rushing to go get some milk at the grocery store before nap time hit. I threw on some clothes, packed up the kids and ran out the door. 734 more words


Summer Camp Kids and Hairy Legs

Working at a summer camp over the summer taught me a lot about people. For seven hours every day I was surrounded by young people, ages 5-12, and I was constantly observing and processing their behavior.   510 more words

Ohio University Womens Center

Things I Forgot to Take Camping

Remember when I blogged about my compact, flexible 10-item camping wardrobe? It was pretty cool, right? I was super prepared for camping. I had checklists! 288 more words


A Hairy Situation

I went on a hike last weekend with a few friends as well as a newcomer or two. We headed into Butano State Park, on the coast, about 45 minutes below San Francisco. 482 more words

5 reasons you should totally be shaving with Olive Oil

If, like me,  you are a human being who shaves his/her/their legs/armpits/pubes/other you should throw out whatever foam, cream or gel you’re using and immediately switch to Olive Oil. 485 more words