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Sometimes I Shave My Legs

“Ew! You didn’t shave your legs!”

I looked down at my legs sticking out from beneath denim shorts. The conversation about whether or not love in college was real or could last was stunted, and everyone by then was staring at my legs. 619 more words


The garden that grows on my body

Me and the dead skin cells that leave my body to form long, thick, dark strands have never really gotten along.

In other words, I have a complicated relationship with my hair. 1,027 more words


February 26, 2017: Furry Legs and All

For those of you old enough to have watched the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour or at least to have seen pictures of them in the 60’s, you probably remember the ridiculously funny mohair vests that they often wore over their crazy-funny 60’s clothing. 320 more words


Often, I joke that I’m growing out my bear pelt for the winter. I’ll smooth my hand down my unkempt hairy legs and laugh that I’d freeze without them. 501 more words

Strange Thoughts


I’ll let you in on a little secret:

I RARELY shave my legs.

It’s not that I’m TOO LAZY to shave them in the shower. 129 more words


Aunt Ader's Place Part 3

Uncle Dunc and Aunt Lucille had a houseful of kids.  Sometimes we were lucky enough that Bert, the eldest would drop in our games, raising our rough play to fever pitch.  509 more words


Aunt Ader's Place Part 2

House much like Aunt Ader’s

Not understanding the nature of inebriation, I assumed Uncle Dunc, a great name for a drunk, was just playful when he laughed at all our jokes and fell off the high porch chasing us. 377 more words