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What's a Pollen Basket?

Honeybees have an indentation or smooth area surrounded by tiny hairs on their back legs called pollen baskets, or corbiculae, to carry pollen.

The hairs all over the body also serve to collect pollen as the bee moves around on a flower.


A hairy situation

Winter is the time to dream of holidays in exotic and warm locations whilst fighting the cold with several layers of clothing and indulge in a chocolate cookie too many because, well, who can see your figure under all those layers anyway? 415 more words

Fashion Police Bulletin #4

You may have noticed that the Fashion Police have not published a bulletin for some time….

It was our intention to make this self-imposed exile permanent, chiefly because we felt we were fighting a losing battle, particularly on the vexatious subject of baseball caps worn back to front. 456 more words


My fight for Freedom from my internal opressor

I despise the act of hair removal. God it such a pain in the hole no matter what form it comes in or approach you go for. 549 more words

Only a touch of Despair....

So much twirls about in this old woman’s head 

I lose my train of thought


but I’m ready to be an old lady  (ready or not) 316 more words

My Stories

To shave or not to shave

It’s been a long time since I last shaved my legs.  Not long enough that dinosaurs might have been roaming the earth but long enough that I knew it was going to take more than one razor and quite a lot of bending over. 646 more words