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[Realistically] Thinking Out Loud

My favorite thing about this Ed Sheeran tune is embarrassing my son in the car, while I belt it out with my pretend microphone. If you ever want to make an 8 year old boy slump in his seat, serenade him with some real emotion. 213 more words


Hairy Legs

Two things which caught my attention and stuck in my mind today: green grass and a hairy leg article.

The first one I don’t have much to say about, just that I saw the first green grass of spring and I was SUPER excited! 570 more words



I never have anything to say anymore.

I gave my number to a guy, but I don’t think he’s going to call.  But for all I know he’s in a relationship or is gay.  245 more words

Awesome Little Person Quote #1010

So Z is hugging my bare leg.

“I like your fur Mommy. Your fur is better than Daddy’s fur.”

I guess it’s time to shave. *sigh* At least someone likes my hairy legs!


A Hairy Situation Awakened My Feminist Consciousness

by Jessica Coleman

As a child, I was similar to Hermione Granger. I read to absorb knowledge, was a motivated student, and had giant, frizzy hair. 548 more words


Bring Back Body Hair: Why I stopped shaving and you should too

I’ve been shaving my legs since the first year of junior school when I realised my dark hair and pale complexion didn’t lend itself to the hairless beauty standards I’d seen popularised on the TV and in magazines. 447 more words


“My chronic feelings of emptiness and boredom came from the fact that I was living a life based on my incapacities, which were numerous.” -Susanna Kaysen,  1,246 more words