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logistics day - s. a. 3

after my week-long vacation in Redmond interrupted our summer adventures, we met for logistics day, to finally start planning summer adventures and get them on the calendar. 1,371 more words

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Out of the Mouths of Babes - Hairy Legs

“Mummy,” says SC at dinner today, “hairy legs are a good thing!”

“Oh, yes?”

“Yes, because they stop you getting bruises!” (Mummy raises her eyebrows) “Well, you see, if you bump your leg, the hairs fold down and act like a sort of cushion, so you don’t get any bruises.” 22 more words

Out Of The Mouthes Of Babes

Is that you, Magnum?

So not only do I have the gall to ovulate and so forth but I also have a moustache.

About half an hour ago, post workout, I whipped upstairs to change (shower yet to come) but also took the time to remove the hair from my upper lip. 636 more words

Spring harvest, LOL

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It’s Insanely Brilliant! By Mort Murphy

The author gives a humourous account of his experiences of sprinting in high heels, dressed as a woman

Dedicated to:

Carlow’s Annual Stiletto Sprint

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The Third Day of the Moth - BunKaryudo

Reblogged from BunKaryudo

What a beauty she was, and in the prime of life! I couldn’t help but edge forward a little in the darkness, trying to sneak a closer look without alerting her to my presence. 37 more words