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If You aren't Doing Something Radical are You really Doing Anything

A few weeks back I posted a picture on social media of the legs of my friends and I. Now this may seem like an innocent picture but to the utter disgust of many, my friends and I have not shaved our legs since November third. 563 more words


Hairy Legs and the Injustice of Consumer Sexism

No Shave November, commonly referred to as “Thank the gods I have an excuse not to shave my legs, but I’ll probably still shave my armpits,” is usually ended by the most satisfying leg-shaving event of the year. 851 more words

Self Improvement

Hair Psychology (Part 2)


The average American consumes 15.5 hours of media per day. Viewing this many ads has to have some sortof impact on girls, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. 977 more words

Hairy Armpits

Courage to Keep it Real

Yesterday, I was rushing to go get some milk at the grocery store before nap time hit. I threw on some clothes, packed up the kids and ran out the door. 734 more words


Summer Camp Kids and Hairy Legs

Working at a summer camp over the summer taught me a lot about people. For seven hours every day I was surrounded by young people, ages 5-12, and I was constantly observing and processing their behavior.   510 more words

Ohio University Womens Center

Things I Forgot to Take Camping

Remember when I blogged about my compact, flexible 10-item camping wardrobe? It was pretty cool, right? I was super prepared for camping. I had checklists! 288 more words