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To Shave Or Not To Shave


Everyone carries some trauma from their childhood; some more, others less. My earliest traumatic experience occurred in the St. Paul JCC women’s locker room. I was probably about six or seven years old and my mother was helping me change into my swimsuit for my weekly swimming lesson. 304 more words

Hair, There and Everywhere

How many ways can a woman remove unwanted facial hair?

And how many of them actually work?

Unfortunately, many women with PCOS know the answer to these questions all too well. 1,238 more words

I am the Cliché Crunchy Mama

I don’t mind being a cliché. I don’t mind being a stereotype. I am the “Crunchy Mama.” I’m proud to wear the title. Some use it as a joke. 453 more words

Crunchy Mama

An Ode to Hairy Women

Except this isn’t an actual ode. It’s more like a dedication, but the word ‘ode’ sounded so much more interesting. I can’t write poetry in any form, but I can write one hell of a dedication to hairy women, because I have a lot of experience with unwanted body hair. 1,011 more words

6 Things You Need To Know About Indians (From An Indian)

1. There’s more than one type of curry.

People have SO MANY misconceptions about curry. I’m supposed to be the curry expert. Let me do the talking. 813 more words

Giving Up The Razor, A Hairacy

A college friend of mine recently launched a website by the name of “Girl-ish.” It’s a fun, friendly community for twenty-something women and I am going to be a regular contributing writer for the site! 104 more words


Beard Lovers: Artist Beccy Powell gives women sexy knitted beards

Beccy Powell is a 21 year-old artist, originally from Leeds and currently living in London. She caught Bearded London’s attention by adorning lovely ladies with beards. 461 more words