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The curse of the Waremum

Weird pregnancy symptom 101…hair.

Yes folks…being hairy. I don’t just mean a little bit here and there I mean hairy in that I seem to have become part warewolf. 237 more words

A Hair Raising topic

This is the ocean. Layer over layer, it hides so many secrets. The little curling ponytail is in reality a big gigantic wave. Much like the Great Wave Off Kanagawa. 999 more words


9th August 2016

I’ve shaved it off but should I have kept it? This was just four days growth! Thoughts?

Morning 752 (of being married).

E- Hey babe, I think we should only bathe Esther in the backyard from now on.
M- Why’s that?
E- Her hair clogs the sink. 83 more words


狗狗也疯狂~kawaii爆点!Pets grooming

動物攝影師Grace Chon的新作品 “Hairy” <3


Being a hairy girl

The Hairy Girl Chronicles.

So…..I’m hairy, yes I am really really hairy. Thanks to my South Asian Ancestary I have been blessed with not only a full matte of hair from birth but facial hair, arm hair, leg hair and *gulp* tummy hair, chest hair and yes back hair. 422 more words