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HRS: 'I'm unclean and unfeminine if I don't shave'

Another great Hairy Response Survey (which shall now be known as HRS – there are never enough acronyms in this world!). This wonderful woman’s responses are interesting, detailing her feelings of feeling unclean and lack of femininity if she doesn’t shave. 519 more words


Hirsute Roommates

Most days I work from home.

Sure, I miss going to the office to see other people and a different set of walls that those of my home. 438 more words

Creative Writing

Facial Hair Friday - Seeing Stars

Happy Facial Hair Friday!

Since we’re not the only ones who enjoy a nice beard and/or mustache on our Man Candy, we’ve proudly instituted “Facial Hair Fridays” to kick start your weekend! 73 more words

Just For Fun

The Wardrobe Ate My Dad (poem)

The wardrobe ate my dad!
It started with his head
Chomped his neck and shoulders,
Then underpants (bright red)

The wardrobe ate my dad
Like a chocolate treat. 11 more words


Shine On, You Crazy Spider (Phidippus audax jumping spider)

As a macro photographer, there is not a lot of more pleasing things than the green sheen of a jumping spider’s big eyes. 6 more words

Macro Photography

Why do we have body hair?

We have about 5 million hairs across our body. 5 million.

And it grows out of everywhere on our bodies except for the soles of our feet, palms of our hands & lips… 417 more words