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Growing up a hairy girl

I vividly remember sitting at my desk during a sixth-grade science class, daydreaming about what was for lunch that day, when out of nowhere I felt a pair of eyes burning into the right side of my face. 985 more words

Spring is here!

It’s been a little bit since I last posted but I’m happy to report that spring is finally showing up in mid-Michigan.  When you walk outside at night, the frogs are singing loudly in the swamp behind my house.  395 more words

New Survey Says Woman Lust For Men Who Are 'Hairy' And Have 'Dad Bods'

According to the behind-the-scenes number-crunchers at PornHub, women aren’t searching for dirty movies featuring guys with six pack abs and booming biceps.

Instead, the male body types women search for most often are “hairy” and “daddy.”

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Tree buds SEM images

The following images from the tree bud of the Oregon Maple are really interesting. The undulating surface of the seeds are of particular interest to me. 81 more words

The Trees

Flashback Friday: Where My Hairy Ladies At?

For this week’s #fbf, I am re-posting An Ode to Hairy Women. Since last week was about my hair woes, I thought I would keep the ball rolling with hairy tales. 1,119 more words