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Another world is possible

by Annalee Giesbrecht

The first time I gave any serious thought to Latin America was probably during a postmodern literature course I took in the dead of winter during my undergraduate degree. 1,716 more words


Summer of Monsters: Tonton Makout

I guess it’s time to talk about Tonton Makout.

Tonton means uncle, and a makout is a type of sack, so Tonton Makout means “Uncle Gunnysack,’ which doesn’t sound so bad. 236 more words

Unclaimed Runaways and the Power Struggles of Colonial Haiti: Part II, Effects of War on Nègres Épaves

Click here for part one, which focuses on the legal history of the nègres épaves in colonial Haiti. By Erica Johnson Edwards

Two mid-eighteenth-century Atlantic conflicts disrupted colonial Haiti and threatened the colony’s system of slavery: the War of Austrian Succession (1744-48) and the Seven Years’ War (1756-63). 1,472 more words


Artist Spotlight

I’ve been vibing to some new music lately, and I want to start highlighting some of these talented artists. So Honest Media would like to shine a light on Kwoat. 115 more words

Nationalism and Power in the Caribbean

The Dominican and Haitian relationship is one fraught with conflict. Despite the period of unification, there are unresolved tensions that seem to stretch from the establishment of the colonies that became Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 6,342 more words

Unclaimed Runaways and the Power Struggles of Colonial Haiti: Part I, Legislating Nègres Épaves

By Erica Johnson Edwards

This is a part one of a three-part series on nègres épaves in colonial Haiti, tracing the origins of regulations regarding… 2,011 more words