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Netflix and Chill with Me - Poverty, Inc.

My boyfriend and I love to watch movies, especially on Netflix. He usually likes to choose the movies because my selection can be a bit eccentric and out of this world, he can’t handle it, LOL. 773 more words



When you’re starting something new, it’s often slow as you grope around in the dark searching for a next move. Hank and I listened to a podcast the other night with the guys who founded Air BnB. 740 more words


America, An Open Letter

America, the land of opportunity. I used to think people just said that back when the USA was first being established, way back when the American dream was to buy a house in the suburbs with a white fence and have a dog and barbecue weekly. 494 more words


Occult Phenomena and Possession

By Bill Rudge

(Photo: Remains of Canaanite child sacrifice altar at Megiddo in Israel.)

Occult beliefs and practices, under the guise of being benevolent and scientific, are infiltrating virtually every aspect of society: education, media, games, cartoons, movies, music, medicine, the holistic health movement, mental health, science and even the Church. 1,376 more words


why we need a broken heart.

I almost scrolled past it. Even when I talk about people in need and want to do something for them, even in the midst of good intentions and brave words, it is so easy to miss the pain and heartache of another. 1,344 more words

Kyle McClellan Talks About "Brace For Impact"

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Former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan helps orphans in Haiti through his non-profit organization “Brace For Impact”. The non-profit provides funds for food, clean water, and shelter for the island’s children in need. 26 more words

St. Louis Cardinals

Six Years Later & Only Six Homes Built

January 12th, 2010 a nation shaken. An earthquake attacked the country of Haiti around 4:53 p.m. A 7.0 magnitude, the strongest trembler to hit the island in over two-hundred years. 982 more words