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hush trump, the king is talking

If you scrolled through social media at all today, you likely caught a glimpse of the above image. The artist, Haitian-American Watson Mere, originally developed the image to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday in 2017. 152 more words

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Donald Trump doesn’t understand Haiti, immigration or American history

Dr. Chantalle F. Verna (associate professor of History and International Relations, Florida International University, and author of Haiti and the Uses of America) recently published a comprehensive historical overview of Haitian history, showing how it ties in to today’s ongoing disrespect of Haitian peoples. 648 more words


Trump: I want to represent Haitian Americans (2016)

While addressing a group of Haitian Americans during the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump said he was “running to represent Haitian Americans and African Americans and Asian Americans and everyone who lawfully resides in our borders.” 40 more words


Finish The Year Strong : MyTaughtYou Podcast Review


As the year coming to an end, I have discovered a tool that keeps my motivation at bay. What took me this long to get into podcasts? 483 more words


Life lessons from my 26th Year in Haiti

On December 3rd 2017 I blew on my 27th candle and celebrated the additional year that has been added to my life on earth. When I look back on that year, it was the year where I prioritise the drive behind my goals. 586 more words


How Make-Up Empowered me in Haiti

Upon my entry in the corporate world, my objectives were to pay my dues and level up in the work force. But I tiptoed on the idea of building a clientele with my face as well. 531 more words


Haitian-American Living

On the 3rd anniversary of my life in Haiti, I wrote a heartfelt post about my transition. It was a chatty post from the bits of culture I picked up as a young adult. 734 more words