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Significance of OPs and EDs

In a bid to push a little bit for the tourney(which ended already xP) (and have a little fun myself), I chose the most fun posts out of my “to post” list. 737 more words


Hilariously Raunchy

This show keeps on getting crazier! AND I. LOVE. IT!!!

Still can’t follow the various anime references though but whatever


Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - Kesan Pertama

Anime garapan Xebec yang merupakan adaptasi dari light novel “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san”  ini bercerita tentang se..orang dewa kekacauan mitos Cthulhu (Nyarlathotep) yang di anime ini ngambil bentuk cewek imut berambut panjang… 542 more words



I don’t know what the fuck this series is about but X is right, this is definitely one of the best roles that I heard from Kana Asumi and Nyaruko is sooooo damn keeewwwwt!!!