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2450. Stokes Croft

This piece by Haka in Stokes Croft is of course a commentary on Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, a pair of demagogues currently in charge of two great democracies doing their best to appease the far right voter and in doing so sustain their power. 59 more words


Local school kids perform the haka on a special day for them

At Pacific Heritage Academy, their mission is to help young people on voyages of discovery.  They say they “create learning experiences and students find their Roots & Their Wings”. 74 more words

The Place

Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call... (after long weekend)

Volume up.

If only we could celebrate and thank all of our teachers with similar enthusiasm. Bravo Boys.

New Zealand High School Boys Honor Retiring Teacher With Moving Haka. 12 more words


New Zealand North Island - Auckland and Rotorua via Hobbiton

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world”

Mary Anne Radmacher

We were initially intending only to visit the South Island but we juggled our itinerary around a little bit and managed to get 5 nights on the North Island too….and I’m so pleased we did.

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2363. Star and Garter (3)

The tribute on this wall, to Dutty Ken by Haka, is most fitting and appropriate as it is painted on the side wall of the Star and Garter pub where Dutty Ken had been landlord and DJ since 1993 up until his sudden death in early 2017. 58 more words


Rowdy in Rotorua

The moment we landed in Rotorua, we headed to to the gondola and went straight to their winery. We tasted 5 of New Zealand’s finest wines and I proceeded to get drunk. 207 more words

The Lord our Protector (CHIN, HAKA: Baibal NT, Ps - Pro)

CHIN, HAKA: Baibal NT, Ps – Pro

Psalms (Salm) 121

1 Tlâng lei khi ka mit nih a cuanh lai i khuazeiindah bomhnâk a rat lai ka ti. 107 more words