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Japan 2017, Hakone

Sunday 19th of March was a bank holiday weekend in Japan, the sun was shining in Tokyo and we thought what a great day for us to see Mount Fuji and the Lalique Museum in  Hakone which lies in the mountains about 1 and 1/2 hrs south of  Tokyo. 347 more words

Smalltown Japan. Odawara and Iwahara

Day 5. November 3. All’s well in smalltown Japan, but for the left foot and the stubbornly invisible beach.

We have to be out of Nobuo’s Roppongi apartment by 10 am. 1,364 more words




「牛肉蓋飯套餐」: 足柄牛サーロインステーキ丼

日本關東西南部神奈川縣足柄下郡箱根町、 「箱根登山鉄道鉄道線宮ノ下駅」下車後步行十分鐘,上山小路行到一條民宅後巷,才找著的一家只有八個座位的居酒屋いろり家

拜朋友所賜,得知這家小店; 我肯定不是第一個來「朝聖的友仔」。

店面一老一中年的女店東,不懂英語,餐牌也英文欠奉,除非預先做足research抄埋餸名,能點菜,只靠Google Translate及YouTube。




靠山食山,足柄下郡地道的足柄牛,唔會死得人,就像在我第二故鄉Calgary食Alberta beef一樣,無乜得輸。




最終我也道出地址,他大約知道我住強羅,就問:「taxi together?」

我回應:「Why not」


我回:「Sure」。 33 more words

Magical Wonderland by the Mountain

Still on our road trip through Japan, this final blog post is about a little less travelled place for most tourists to Japan. Starting on our journey from Tokyo to the central north of Honshu Island, we had stopped at Yamanouchi where the… 1,380 more words

Beyond The Dot

Ernie goes back to Tokyo (Jan 2017)


There was little indication on the flight over that our holiday was about to get off to a less-than-ideal start. Skies were clear and turbulence was kept to a minimum, though the lack of a personal entertainment system on the… 2,601 more words


When in Japan...visit Italy

“This is mad!” I couldn’t count the number of times that this thought ran through my mind on my short trip to Japan.

It was autumn in Hakone National Park. 286 more words


Tokyo, Japan March 2017 Holiday


My first blog entry is about our recent travel to Tokyo. It is only about 5 hours after we landed back here in Singapore and so I decided to pen down every moments of out trip as fresh as they are by blogging which I always wanted to do for every new experience but sadly, I just couldn’t find time to write. 820 more words