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March 2017, Day 5, Hakuho v Mitakeumi

Hakuho drops out of the March Tournament in Osaka on Day 5, giving a fusensho (victory without a fight) to Mitakeumi, who can use the gift and improves to 3-2. 55 more words


March 2017, Day 4, Hakuho v Ikioi

It’s chaos in the Yokozuna ranks as Hakuho loses again! Ikioi is totally pumped up before the bout – watch how he prepares himself for battle. 60 more words


March 2017, Day 3, Hakuho v Takekaze

Should Hakuho fans be concerned with the amount of time it takes him to deal with Takekaze? I don’t think so. I think he’s being extra careful after his surprising Day 1 loss, and doesn’t want to get caught off guard again. 81 more words


March 2017, Day 2, Hakuho v Sokokurai

Move along, nothing to see here, just Yokozuna Hakuho completely smothering another wrestler. No way he’s losing two in a row to start in Osaka after dropping the last two bouts of last tournament. 14 more words


March 2017, Day 1, Hakuho v Shodai

Hakuho’s enduring his longest stretch as a Yokozuna without winning a tournament championship. Granted, that’s only four tournaments, but for him it’s an eternity. He’s said that he wants to step up his game and re-establish himself at the head of the new quartet of Yokozunas, but he puts himself in a hole on Day 1 with a surprising loss against Shodai. 60 more words


Kaisei Favoring Right Knee After Hakuho Sparring Session (updated)

According to the Nikkei Shimbun, Hakuho sparred with Kaisei the other day, winning all fourteen bouts. Kaisei seemed to be checking his right knee but hopefully he’ll be ready to go this weekend*. 129 more words

Harubasho 2017 (Osaka)

The OTHER ONE: [#14] Yokozuna Kisenosato

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The OTHER ONE: [#14] Yokozuna Kisenosato

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