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2016 March Grand Sumo Tournament, Osaka

If you’re thinking of visiting Japan any time soon and you’re lucky enough to land your trip at a time when the sumo tournament is on, you need to make sure you go. 832 more words


March 2016, Day 15, Harumafuji v Hakuho

It all comes down to a Yokuzuna matchup. If Hakuho wins, he’s the only wrestler with a 14-1 record and takes the championship uncontested. If he loses, he’ll be in a playoff with 13-2 Kisenosato. 79 more words


March 2016, Day 14, Kotoshogiku v Hakuho

You know it’s coming, but you can’t do anything about it. Hakuho leads with his patented left-handed slap to the face (more for distraction than force), transitioning smoothly into a rock-solid overhand grip on that side. 75 more words


March 2016, Day 13, Kakuryu v Hakuho

Three days in a row now Hakuho has come out strong, attacking from the outset and not giving his opponents any chance to react. It’s scary how easily he beats fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu, quickly marching him out the other side of the dohyo. 35 more words


March 2016, Day 12, Goeido v Hakuho

Hakuho’s not messing around anymore. He stands alone atop the leaderboard with an 11-1 record after pushing Goeido out with enough force to send him halfway to the next prefecture. 38 more words


March 2016, Day 11, Kisenosato v Hakuho

Ozeki Kisenosato, undefeated going into this bout, runs into Yokozuna “Dreamcrusher” Hakuho on Day 11. Kisenosato hesitates on the initial tachiai, causing Hakuho to jump the gun, which necessitates a restart. 70 more words


Hakuho Brutalizes Yoshikaze

If anyone wants to dismiss sumo as a bunch of fat creme puffs in diapers, I would show them two matches from today’s basho: Hakuho v Yoshikaze and Osunaarashi v Endo. 91 more words