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Here are some photos of the opening day of the January 2016 Sumo Tournament at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

Endō Shōta is a popular high-ranking wrestler from Ishikawa, where I lived. 145 more words


January 2018, Day 5, Hakuho v Kotoshogiku

Yokozuna Hakuho is out of the tournament, citing an aggravation of an old left leg injury during his loss yesterday against Yoshikaze. Kotoshogiku will take the default win, and improve to 2-3.


January 2018, Day 4, Hakuho v Yoshikaze

Surprise! Not too many people saw this coming, with Yoshikaze earning only his third win over Yokozuna Hakuho in eighteen meetings. Following a relatively lackluster tachiai by the Yokozuna, it’s hard to tell exactly what happens, but it seems like Hakuho goes to slap down on Yoshikaze’s arms and whiffs. 72 more words


January 2018, Day 3, Hakuho v Hokutofuji

Sumo fans that have been watching Hokutofuji expected him to notch a win over a Yokozuna this tournament, but I gotta admit I didn’t think it would be Hakuho. 39 more words


January 2018, Day 2, Hakuho v Ichinojo

Another protracted bout with a long stalemate in the middle, this time between Yokozuna Hakuho and Ichinojo. Hakuho waits for a long time with his right hand underneath Ichinojo’s left arm, without securing the belt grip. 56 more words


January 2018, Day 1, Hakuho v Onosho

Onosho’s an up-and-coming youngster with a bright future ahead of him, but veteran Yokozuna Hakuho reminds him who’s boss on Day 1. Never truly in danger, Hakuho nimbly sidesteps at the edge, lifting his leg out of the way and sending Onosho flying past with a hard shove in the ribs.