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Like Father Like Son: The First Mongolian Medalist Sires the Most Successful Sumo Wrestler

For the first time, Mongolia joined the Olympic community as it paraded through the National Stadium during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1964 Tokyo Games. Joining 19 other nations like Niger, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, Mali and Cambodia, Mongolia sent 21 athletes to the Summer Games. 326 more words

Tokyo 1964

"Ozeki" Kotoshogiku, primul japonez care cucereste Cupa Imparatului in ultimul deceniu

* Dupa exact 10 ani de dominatie a sumotori japonez, nascut adica in Tara Soarelui Rasare, care cucereste un mare turneu, Cupa Imparatului, intr-un sport milenar nipon, initial o ceremonie shintoista, dominat in ultima vreme de “rikishi”, luptatori straini. 268 more words


初場所2016, 11日目: The Zabuton Fly

Kotoshogiku now leads alone. His straightforward, jack-rabbit action was too much for the yokozuna and a jubilant Kokugikan erupted with cheers, and zabuton rained down on the dohyo as Hakuho was forced out of the ring. 37 more words


初場所2016, 9日目: Ikioi Beat Tochinoshin

Ikioi pulled off a great win over his fellow komusubi to pick up his third win of the tournament. While the Georgian now must go undefeated to achieve a winning record and retain his rank, Ikioi has a *little* breathing room. 85 more words


初場所2016, 8日目: Aminishiki Henka's Himself

In one of the more amusing “out-take” bouts of sumo, Aminishiki flopped as he pulled a henka on Aoiyama. Aoiyama was able to recover and maintain his balance as he’d likely known it was coming. 273 more words


初場所2016, 7日目: Hakuho Dominates Ichinojo

Hakuho’s dominant win over Ichinojo makes this a two-man race for the yusho with Kotoshogiku, who toppled the hapless Aoiyama to remain unbeaten. The “Mongolian Monster” was less monster, more giant sack of potatoes as Hakuho maneuvered him toward the edge and calmly rolled him over for an uwatenage victory. 39 more words


初場所2016, 4日目: Where Did Day Three Go?

Apologies for not posting about Day 3. I was at a panel discussion on tax credits. Fun stuff.

Day 3 narrowed the field considerably as Goeido, Terunofuji, and Kakuryu suffered losses. 110 more words