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I Got Next: Searching for the Next One, Tachiai Introduces Readers to the “Tatakiage”

Hakuho is “The One.” He owns just about every conceivable record in the books. This past tournament he registered his 1050th win, surpassing Kaio’s mark of 1047. 443 more words

Hakuho (白鵬)

May 2017, Day 15, Harumafuji v Hakuho

Fantastic end to the tournament, one of the best bouts of the entire two weeks. Hakuho has already clinched the tournament, but fellow Yokozuna Harumafuji would love to play spoiler and prevent Hakuho from getting a perfect 15-0 record. 262 more words


May 2017, Day 14, Terunofuji v Hakuho

It’s an epic bout with the tournament on the line, with Ozeki Terunofuji needing to defeat Yokozuna Hakuho to have any chance at a championship. A win by Hakuho today will separate him from the second-place wrestlers by two losses with only one day remaining, guaranteeing him his 38th title. 100 more words


May 2017, Day 13, Tamawashi v Hakuho

This one’s a bit long, but it’s a prime example of the tension that builds before a sumo bout, a facet of the sport that’s missing from most highlight videos. 236 more words


May 2017, Day 12, Tochiozan v Hakuho

Somehow I doubt Yokozuna Hakuho bothers with watching tape of his upcoming opponents, but Tochiozan lost yesterday in almost identical fashion. Hakuho puts his left hand in Tochiozan’s face as a distraction, to block Tochiozan’s vision from the big right shoulder that follows. 79 more words


May 2017, Day 11, Goeido v Hakuho

Ozeki Goeido hasn’t defeated Yokozuna Hakuho in two years. But with the championship in his sights, Hakuho isn’t even thinking about that streak – Goeido is just another wrestler in his way. 123 more words


May 2017, Day 10, Takayasu v Hakuho

This is the first bout of the tournament with real championship implications, with Yokozuna Hakuho trying to knock Takayasu down the ladder and two losses out of contention. 120 more words