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Kotomitsuki Hair-cutting Ceremony

琴光喜断髪披露パーティー。最後の止め鋏は貴乃花親方が務めてくれました!#sumo pic.twitter.com/k3G8iNWRbK

— ジェントル高久 (@gentle_1047) February 7, 2015

Former Ozeki Kotomitsuki (琴光喜) had his topknot cut yesterday after losing his lawsuit seeking reinstatement to the makuuchi.

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Hakuho Interview Controversy

Last Monday, one day after winning his historic 33rd Emperor’s Cup, Hakuho was asked about the judges’ decision to have a rematch against Kisenosato a few days before. 722 more words


Hatsubasho 2015 - Day 15

Hakuho’s victory over Kakuryu sealed his perfect record in this first tournament of 2015. It was a tight battle but Hakuho prevailed with a powerful force-out win. 280 more words


Hatsubasho 2015: Day 14

I’ve never seen a water break in the middle of a match. Today, Ichinojo and Terunofuji’s marathon bout was a long stalemate for most of the match. 216 more words


Hatsubasho 2015: Day 13 - Hakuho triumphant!

The Empire is victorious. Hakuho has won his 33rd Emperor’s cup. He is the greatest sumo wrestler ever. 390 more words


Hatsubasho 2015: Day 12

Kisenosato is basically our only hope to drop Hakuho and make this basho interesting. Today, he survived a bit of a scare against Toyonoshima in an entertaining bout. 628 more words


Hatsubasho 2015: Day 11

NO!!! Harumafuji goes low against Aoiyama but the Bulgarian responds by getting his arms on Harumafuji’s head and shoving the yokozuna to the dohyo. This is a cruel, cruel world. 288 more words