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January 2017, Day 10, Ikioi v Hakuho

Ikioi always brings a good effort in his Yokozuna bouts, even if he rarely meets with success (his last three consecutive wins over Kakuryu being an exception). 89 more words


Hatsu Basho Day 10 Summary

Osunaarashi faced off against the Sadanoumi in the first Makuuchi bout of day 10. This was a long and difficult match, and clearly Osunaarashi is fighting with a lot of pain from his chronic injuries. 349 more words


January 2017, Day 9, Takayasu v Hakuho

Will wonders never cease. Hakuho gives Kisenosato a gift on Day 9, dropping his second bout in a row to fall to 7-2 and staying one loss behind the tournament leaders. 131 more words


Hatsu Basho Day 9

Now It’s Getting Weird

Day 9 of the Hatsu basho took sumo fans to a strange place, and left them there. Frankly, I am not sure where this tournament is going now. 139 more words


January 2017, Day 8, Arawashi v Hakuho

Who would have thought it possible? Arawashi, with six losses in seven days, wrestling at his highest-ever rank of Maegashira 2 and clearly out of his league in the rarified air against the competition at the top of the Makuuchi division, with his first career bout against arguably one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in the history of the sport. 245 more words


Arawashi Defeats Hakuho

Kinboshi Leave Kisenosato Sole Leader

Hello from London! On day 8 in Tokyo, Arawashi was able to quickly overwhelm Yokozuna Hakuho, handing him his first loss of the Hatsu basho. 97 more words


January 2017, Day 7, Hakuho v Tamawashi

This bout quickly turns into a brawl, with both wrestlers taking big swings at each other’s heads. Tamawashi his holding his own until Hakuho dodges, and Tamawashi can’t stop from rumbling over the straw bales. 11 more words