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Comparing the Great Ones: The Lasting Impact of Generational Athletes

Today marks one week since the end of the 2017 Kyushu basho, and while most of the post-tournament media has centered around the unfortunate retirement of Harumafuji, there are still several stories to be covered as we move on from Fukuoka. 744 more words

Hakuho (白鵬)

November 2017, Day 6, Shohozan v Hakuho

Yokozuna Hakuho takes sole lead of the Kyushu Basho with a perfect 6-0 record, after the other undefeated wrestlers all lost today. He dominates Shohozan from start to finish, locking up the left-handed overarm grip soon after the tachiai and marching Shohozan to the edge where he deposits him not-so-gently over the straw bales and onto the ground. 10 more words


November 2017, Day 5, Tochiozan v Hakuho

Another day, another win for Yokozuna Hakuho. He makes short work of Tochiozan, pulling off a nice matador move to send his opponent stumbling by. Hakuho stays tied for the tournament lead at 5-0 with Ozeki Goeido and Aminishiki.


Harumafuji Scandal Development

There has been another development in the Harumafuji scandal today. While speaking to the press, key witness Yokozuna Hakuho stated that there was a bottle involved in the incident, but it was not used in the assault on Takanoiwa. 177 more words

Harumafuji (日馬富士)

November 2017, Day 4, Chiyotairyu v Hakuho

No drama here, as Chiyotairyu gives up the morozashi (double under) position to the Yokozuna right at the tachiai, and has absolutely no chance to recover. 26 more words


November 2017, Day 3, Takakeisho v Hakuho

Yokozuna Hakuho will not be denied. He walks through Takakeisho, whose only chance at defense is a left-handed sukuinage (beltless arm throw) attempt halfway through that Hakuho stifles immediately. 16 more words