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A Baptist Remembers January 1, 2000

While everyone has worries, the Tanzanians I knew weren’t concerned with computers failing on Y2K. We stayed out from summer 1998 to 2002 without returning to the USA. 14 more words


Remembering Who You Are

This world has always needed leaders.  Men and women aware of both the time and need into which they were born and live.  The grace to lead well is given to some more than others.  369 more words


Hakuna Matata

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said “Hakuna matata.” That’s it. No warthogs, no lions, just the phrase. (But, Iris, if you’re reading this, I can hear your voice singing in my head!) Perhaps that Swahili phrase, roughly translated “no worries,” should be singing in my head all the time. 341 more words

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata. It is a wonderful phrase. It is important to remind ourselves to never let the moments pass us by. If we are too worried about tomorrow, we will never remember today. 61 more words


Trapped in the shadow

My husband possesses what I consider to be a quite remarkable character trait: he doesn’t worry about something until it happens, at which point he sets about dealing with it. 242 more words


Thermodynamics by Hakuna Matata

It sounded as though the street was sizzling, like a hot frying pan full of grease. Exhalations following sharp inhalations created steam, which amplified the crackling. 163 more words