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Kirby's Return To Dream Land

Return to Dream Land gets everything right, but it does not excel at anything

In the midst of the relatively recent Kirby revival started by Nintendo, fans have seen the charming pink ball go through some rather exotic transformations that nearly turned the series on its head. 1,197 more words


HAL Laboratory's Part Time UFO Available In More Countries And Has iPhone X Support

Part Time UFO, a mobile game developed by HAL Laboratory and launched under its HAL Egg mobile gaming imprint, is now available in 57 countries and territories—an increase of 12 since the game’s Feb. 38 more words


Review - Kirby Star Allies  

Kirby Star Allies

Developer – HAL Laboratory 

Publisher – Nintendo

Platforms – Nintendo Switch

Kirby has always been Kirby, and Kirby games will always remain easy.  405 more words

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Kirby Star Allies - The Game Slate Review

Dean West

Outside of its central gimmick, Kirby Star Allies doesn’t do much new and plays it safe in that it keeps to a lot of key Kirby mechanics and tropes. 1,280 more words

The Game Slate

Game of the Month: March 2018

Can you believe that it has been more than a year since the Nintendo Switch launched? The console is certainly doing well for itself in its first year, and it seems that Nintendo are keen to continue that momentum for its second year. 455 more words


Kirby Star Allies review

It’s hard to go wrong with a Kirby game. Everyone’s favorite little pink puffball is as consistent as any of the other major Nintendo characters, and just like Mario or Link, Kirby keeps finding new ways to breathe life into old tricks. 1,475 more words

Ray Carsillo

One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 42 - Wii VC-FX

This week I discuss the ever closing deadline on WiiWare/Virtual Console and my recently obtained PC-FX. 11 more words

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