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Box Boy and Simplicity

Box. Boy.

From the name alone, you can pretty much imagine what Qbby looks like, and his primary power. 336 more words


Thinking outside the Box: A BOXBOY! Review

I’ve heard much about BOXBOY! since it’s release back in April of 2015. Brought to you by the same creators of great franchises like Kirby and Smash Brothers comes a cute charming puzzle platformer that can be enjoyed in long play sessions on the couch, or quick on the go spurts. 1,568 more words


Picross 3D: Round 2 [3DS eShop] - Review

When Nintendo of America announced they had localized and released Picross 3D: Round 2 a year after its Japanese debut, I was over the moon. The… 501 more words

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Mother 3


In 1994, Mother 2: Gigyas Strikes Back, the follow-up to Shigesato Itoi’s beloved Famicom game was released. It accomplished the impossible by eclipsing the seemingly insurmountable popularity of its predecessor. 8,524 more words

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In 1989, Nintendo released an RPG known as Mother. It differed from its contemporaries in that its scenario was conceived by a professional writer who saw a great storytelling potential in this budding medium: Shigesato Itoi. 4,262 more words

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25th Anniversary Kirby Orchestra Event Coming To Japan In 2017

Kirby’s 25th Anniversary is just around the corner and to celebrate, a Kirby-themed orchestra concert is going to be held in Japan this upcoming April! The event will occur in Tokyo and Osaka next year; information about tickets and dates can be found on the… 29 more words

A Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter Account Has Gone Live

Next year everyone’s favorite pink puffball will be turning 25, and to kick off the celebration, a Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account has been made. An extremely cute animation can be found in the account’s very first tweet below: 29 more words