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Living the Dream - Nintendo Entertainment System - Kirby's Adventure - 1993

Kirby’s Adventure
Nintendo Entertainment System
HAL Laboratory
© 1993
Genre: Platformer

Since I have become friends with @3pstart, I began to do something I never really did before: pay closer attention to who is actually making a game.   910 more words

Your Future Looks Promising - Super Nintendo - Arcana - 1992

HAL Laboratory
Genre: Dungeon Crawler RPG

As it may have been mentioned before, the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis days were the heyday of role playing games.  1,107 more words

New BOXBOY sequel now out in Japan

Aw yes! A new BOXBOY game just came out in Japan! HAL Laboratory’s adorable puzzle-platformer which came out a little under a year ago in Japan under the name “Hakobōi” (lit. 88 more words


Suicide is Painless - NES - Adventures of Lolo - 1989

Adventures of Lolo
(c) 1989
HAL Laboratory
Genre: Puzzle

I have had relatively little exposure to the NES, and since it doesn’t hold much nostalgia for me, I tend to avoid exploring the system.   651 more words

Adventures in Content Tourism

I play videogames for a myriad of reasons: to challenge myself, to explore bizarre new worlds, to plumb the depths of a system and exploit it. 564 more words


Clearing The Backlog: Chronological Game Challenge pt 14

Welcome to this week’s update on my Chronological Challenge, where this week we start 1996, the year where the PS1 picked up and the N64 popped up to really bring us into the 5th generation. 1,255 more words

Chronological Challenge

Picross 3D 2 is announced

Going into the “news I didn’t expect to hear but am delighted about” column for the day is the announcement that old DS game Picross 3D is getting a 3DS sequel this year in Japan. 97 more words