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Game of the Month: March 2018

Can you believe that it has been more than a year since the Nintendo Switch launched? The console is certainly doing well for itself in its first year, and it seems that Nintendo are keen to continue that momentum for its second year. 455 more words


Kirby Star Allies review

It’s hard to go wrong with a Kirby game. Everyone’s favorite little pink puffball is as consistent as any of the other major Nintendo characters, and just like Mario or Link, Kirby keeps finding new ways to breathe life into old tricks. 1,475 more words

Ray Carsillo

One Controller Port Podcast: Episode 42 - Wii VC-FX

This week I discuss the ever closing deadline on WiiWare/Virtual Console and my recently obtained PC-FX. 11 more words

Nintendo Wii

Kirby Star Allies Demo Impressions

A few days ago, Nintendo released a demo for Kirby Star Allies on the European eShop, but for us Americans who didn’t want to bother with making a European profile, it just came out today. 828 more words

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Looking Forward - Kirby: Star Allies

Kirby’s first outing on the Switch is looking mighty fine. We never got a traditional Kirby adventure game on the Wii U (what we did get… 284 more words


Kirby Star Allies Details Revealed

The Official Japanese Website for Kirby Star Allies is now open for all and provides new information on the game like, story, mini-games and amiibo compatibility. 232 more words

Kirby Star Allies amiibo functionality detailed

The official Japanese Kirby Star Allies site is finally open for our viewing pleasure! Thanks to some observant folks over on Twitter, we have more information about amiibo figure functionality within the game! 118 more words

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