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The Original Creampuff

I can still remember the first time I played Kirby’s Dream Land.

For whatever inexplicable reason, a cousin of mine who poked fun at the rest of us who enjoyed videogames happened to have her own Game Boy. 905 more words


Game Over: The Spring of Puzzle Platformers

Platformers have always been my jam. To me there is nothing quite like running and jumping through a game. When your first memories are of playing Super Mario Bros. 1,419 more words


Smash Vault: Kirby’s Dream Land – Fear and Loathing in Dream Land, Part II of III

We’ve been floating for who knows how long, but the Eye almost senses my urges and lands whenever food is to be taken. The ground is no longer in any discernible direction and it seems a void has replaced where Dream Land is supposed to be. 539 more words


Smash Vault: Kirby’s Dream Land – Game Overview

Version Played: Kirby’s Dream Land – Game Boy

It’s hard to know what to think about Kirby’s first ever outing as it either goes all in on the player or not at all. 707 more words


Smash Vault – Kirby’s Dream Land: Fear and Loathing in Dream Land, Part I of III

We were already on our way to Dream Land when the hunger took over. Me, Lololo, Lalala, that Blimp Guy and what’s his face with the eye. 600 more words


Box Boy!

Box Boy!
Developed by HAL Laboratory
Published by Nintendo
Played on Nintendo 3DS

I bought a couple of games for my dusty 3DS last month – the remade Majora’s Mask (because it’s one of only two major Zelda series entries that I’ve never played) and Super Mario 3D Land (because Mario). 1,205 more words


Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

A lovely opportunity to catch a glimpse of the series dressed up in a unique coat of paint

Kirby games have always been the source of somehow mixed reactions from even the most avid Nintendo fans; while some gamers will look at his adventures as a fantastic way to chill and have fun in between more demanding releases, others will claim the total lack of difficulty Kirby’s games provide makes it hard to actually enjoy and focus on them. 1,461 more words