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Kirby: Planet Robobot Ask-A-Thon Part 1

Shinya Kumazaki of Hal Laboratory hosted a “Kirby: Planet Robobot Ask-a-thon” over on Miiverse in which fans were able to ask the director questions about the game. 44 more words


Throwback Thursday: Kirby Air Ride

We kick on cruise control, as Ms. Throwback plays GameCube’s Kirby Air Ride.  How does this unique racing title hold up?


Satoru Iwata's Early Life Chronicled In New Book

The Late President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, who passed away July last year has had his early life chronicled in a book. He is widely known for his work on the Nintendo DS and Wii but the book takes us back further to when he was a part-time programmer for Hal Laboratory in the 1980’s. 86 more words

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Kirby: Planet Robobot - Get in the Robot, Kirby!

It’s weird how quickly fans of the Kirby series were willing to accept the idea of the pink puffball piloting a robot. Normally, a deviation from the norm is a sure-fire way to incite unwarranted anger in people. 1,602 more words


REVIEW: Kirby's Dream Land (1992, Game Boy)

Kirby, a series of video games centering around the adventures of a spherical, red-footed creature who has the ability to swallow his enemies whole and copy their skills and use them to his advantage, is one of Nintendo’s most profitable and well-known franchises (as well as being my personal favorite Nintendo franchise). 923 more words


Hoshi no Kirby is Mine (Again)!

Many years back, I was at a GameStop when I stumbled across a Japanese Kirby game for the Game Boy! I was really surprised because I had never seen the game before, so I didn’t even know which game it was. 308 more words


First Impressions: Kirby Planet Robobot!

First of all, I just want to say that I was so excited to start playing this game! It looked amazing and fun and besides, I just love Kirby! 1,328 more words