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Natural Living: A Glimpse

A life of consuming only organically produced food or employing only natural everyday products do not fully capture the concept behind Natural Living, as there is more to it than food and skincare. 949 more words

Issue No. 1

JIAH Restaurant Review

This post is rated NSFF (Not safe for fasting) as it is going to make you hungreh.

JIAH is a new, fully halal restaurant based on the trendy Church Street, in Cape Town’s CBD. 200 more words

Cape Town

Halal Food and Majestic Mosques in Amsterdam. Part 2

When in Amsterdam forget Mcdonalds and Burger king and instead try out the vast range of delectable Dutch food available.

From Kibbeling (cubes of hot steaming battered fish which will have your tastebuds singing on a cold winters day) and delicious crispy Frites (legendary french fries smothered with creamy mayonnaise or ketchup served in a cone) which is sure to never let you look at the humble french fry the same way again. 1,138 more words


Travel Memoirs - Fantastic FesĀ 

We arrived in Fes just as the sun was beginning to set and on the way to the hotel our driver had to stop briefly to break up a verbal fight between two people- the first and only hint of an angry Moroccan I was to see in the whole of Morocco- even this argument was broken up so lovingly! 1,769 more words

Things Are Not Always Black and White in Some Issues

A scholar of the past was passing by some Mongols and they were drinking alcohol. He didn’t say anything to them! So, his companions asked him about this and he replied that this drinking alcohol is haraam but it is busying them from harming the Muslims! 36 more words


Drums on special occasions are an evil.

Praise be to Almighty

What is the ruling on responding to an invitation (to parties where there will be) some evils such as race horses and drums, knowing that the one who is issuing the invitation is a relative, but the occasion involves these evils? 111 more words