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Tale of Two Cities: Halabja and New Halabja

Tale of Two Cities: Halabja and New Halabja     Locals forced to live in twin city built by Baathist regime more on Rudaw.net


Iranian Kurds remember Halabja chemical attack

Last week, Kurdish students at Tehran University’s Social Sciences Department organized an event for the 27th anniversary of the Halabja attack and another, less well-known, chemical attack on the Kurdish town of Sardasht, located in northwest of Iran. 6 more words


As Peshmerga fight, Kurdish writers defend

Although the festival began as official events do with the Kurdish national anthem, called Ey reqî, the anthem itself was not above debate

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Historic step for Kurdistan’s Kakei minority

The Kurdish minority group known as Kakeis celebrated an historic moment last week by electing their first representative to the newly founded Halabja Provincial Council. 6 more words


Halabja: City of Peace becomes Kurdistan’s fourth province

Although officially Halabja would become the fourth province of Kurdistan — after Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok — the people of Halabja and Kurds at large regard it as the fifth,  after the much-debated Kirkuk Province, seen as the “Jerusalem of Kurdistan.” 6 more words


Kurdistan is better off without Mullah Krekar

Mullah Krekar’s personality is a complicated one. He is not just a regular Islamic preacher; he is an intellectual

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Today marks the 27th anniversary of the chemical attack on Halabja: the biggest, most horrifying chemical attack on civilians that no one has ever heard about. 340 more words