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A Broken Heart and a Joyous Spirit: Celebrating Torah on This Simchat Torah

This morning, sitting under a cloudy sky in the Sukkah, staring into the faces of my students, I shared a practice I have with my chevrutot . 974 more words

Holidays (Chaggim)

Rabbi Elazar Hakalir Apparently Only Observed One Day of Rosh Hashana

And this has significance because it backs up the Baal Hamaor’s assertion that in Eretz Yisrael before the arrival of the students of the Rif (sometimes after the crusades decimated the Yishuv of that time), Rosh Hashana, like the other biblical holidays, was observed for… 788 more words


Yom Kippur 5776

So it was Yom Kippur yesterday. I went to my yeshiva to hear a mussar shmooze by a rabbi of mine after the evening davening. First time I’ve been back in a while and it was interesting. 978 more words

Q&A: Prozbol

I was surprised that this year I signed so many prozbol documents for my neighbors. I did not sign any what so ever last time… 767 more words


A Baseless Change of Minhag, and the Deafening Silence

Hadashim miqarov ba’u. New matters have come from close by.  

I know the guy who started the time-honored minhag of reading Pereq Shira every day. 993 more words


Biblical Rabbis and Rabbinic Bibles, by Rabbi Ephraim Meth

“Rabbi Yishmael says: we seek Torah with thirteen middot.” (Torat Kohanim, introduction)

From whence do these middot derive? Are they halakhot leMoshe miSinai? Are they derabanan? 703 more words


Rosh Hashana Posts Clarification

This was somehow posted before I completed it, and the entire time I spent editing it it appeared incomplete on this blog. I highly recommend reading the final version of… 332 more words