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I bizarrely have lots of thoughts about grain, almost none of them related to each other.

I think about grain and Halacha. What are the grains? 338 more words


Q&A: Bananas, Anti-Zionism, and Morning & Evening Prayers in the Afternoon

Question: Why is the bracha on a banana ha’adama when in non-snowy countries it’s not seasonal but grows all year?

Answer: In Orah Hayim 203:3 we find that the… 645 more words

Selling Hametz Shiur

Sorry I haven’t followed up on the Sourdough project yet. I’ve had more Pesach preparations than I anticipated. I hope to post the last segment soon. 37 more words

Pesach Halacha 200 words - Kitniyos

The Vilna Gaon (ShA OCh 453: VeYesh Osrim) refers to the Gemara Pesachim 40b as a source for the custom of prohibiting Kitniyos –

Rav Papi permitted bakers of the appointed Rabbinic leader of the Jews in exile to use Chasisi (Rashi – parched flour ; Rif – Matzah meal ; Tosfos – lentil flour ) during Pesach. 105 more words


Q&A: When Is the Earliest I Can Start My Seder?

Question: When is the earliest I can start my seder?

Answer: The Shulchan Aruch (Orah Hayim 472:1) rules that

One should have his table set while it is still day so that he can eat immediately…

1,564 more words

More Social Media Madness

I was talking to a friend last night about why some students make it through Bais Yaakov unscathed, and why some come out resentful and angry. 262 more words

Bad Teaching