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A while ago, someone asked me why we thank G-d for wind as well as for rain. I admitted to finding the prayer confusing. I know why we pray for rain, I recognise its importance, and I find it ironic and sad that in modern western culture, we curse rain as opposed to praying for it. 155 more words


These Are The Right-Rulings: Parashat Misphatim Reflections

Hebrew Vision News Exclusive

by Miykael Qorbanyahu aka The End Time Scribe


The Talmud teaches us that if one wishes to be reckoned a chasid, a truly pious person, he must fulfill the details, the minutiae of the laws of the Talmudic order of… 2,518 more words

Q&A: Who Donates The Kidney?

Question: We recently got the news that my father needs a kidney transplant. My brothers and I are all potential donors. Does halacha have anything to say about who should be the one? 266 more words


Mishpatim - Civilly Spiritual or is it Spiritually Civil


The Shoresh is שׁ פ ט   which means judge.  Shofeit is a judge; mishpat is a judgment or a law; and lishpot means to judge… 360 more words

Jewish Thought

Blessed Are You

The other day, I commented in passing that  I seem to spend the whole day saying brochos. I was joking, but memorising and reciting blessings has infused my everyday life with more holiness than ever before. 178 more words


Hozaa weHachnassa — Bedeutungen und Bräuche des Aus- und Einheben der Tora

Als wir nach einem einjährigen Aufenthalt am Fuß des Berges Sinai zum Heiligen Land auf­brachen, ertönte ein Schofarschall, der verkündete, dass es nicht mehr verboten war, den Berg zu betreten (cf. 741 more words



I’ve never been good at remembering to say brochos. Memorising them was difficult, and saying them in front of people who are non observant or non Jewish has caused me endless embarrassment. 173 more words