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The Purpose of Halachah

I am officially on the road to Orthodox Conversion. Several days ago my wife and I met with a local Rabbi and discussed the matter, albeit for just an hour or two. 795 more words


The Equality of All Men According to Halacha

Many of us are aware that there is a school of thought prominent among many of the medieval authorities which says that Jewish people are spiritually and sometimes even physically different from gentiles. 525 more words


'Arachin and a Bar Mitzvah in Adar

On the subject of ‘Arachin, we should bring up the Jewish version of of the twins paradox. According to modern physics, it could be that one twin will age much slower than the other if he stays in an accelerated frame of reference for a significant amount of time, either by flying around space in a rocket ship, or by hanging out in a region of a strong gravitational pull. 1,478 more words


Lemon Cheesecake Challah

Yes, you read that headline right, Lemon Cheesecake Challah.  Seriously.  We could probably just stop there.  But why?  Here’s the story…. This weekend is the holiday of Shavuot.   283 more words

Shavuot: Torah To Take Away!

Think about it! The Torah was delivered on Mount Sinai at the time in the midst of our walking in the desert.

This means that if you compare it with milk or with the “food for our souls” as our Sages z”l did, this delivery would be closer to the idea of “Take away” than to sitting in your place or even in a restaurant… 287 more words


Bikkurim During the Sh’mitta Year

During the Sabbatical year, no one truly own s the crops, and therefore there is no one to designate the leqet, shich’ha, or… 942 more words


Yichus: Its Value, Its Rigidity, and Its Fluidity, by Rabbi Ephraim Meth

Why is yichus important? Ramban (Bamidbar 26,13) writes that yichus is a way of giving respect to one’s ancestors. By identifying oneself with them, one demonstrates that he or she values them, and gives their memory a perpetuation in this world. 602 more words