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If We Saw a Yid

If we saw a Yid selling home-made bread to a non-Jew, we might assume it is Kosher.

Would we be justifiably confident to consider this style of bread, sold by this non-Jew, as Kosher? 87 more words


Women and Halachic change - Can vs. Should

To what degree, if at all, should Halacha change to reflect the change in women’s status in society? My approach to the subject has fluctuated over the years as I was exposed to a range of opinions and perspectives. 4,266 more words


On Hair Covering and Hate Speech

There’s a disturbing picture doing the rounds on social media, showing a collage of women’s photos. These photos show frum Jewish women with beautiful shaytelach, along with a shocking caption calling these women sinners, and making some disgusting comparisons which I don’t intend to repeat. 335 more words


The Time My Principal Asked Me To Sign a Contract

Here’s another story from Elana. Don’t ask me any questions about it. I have no answers. 

Right before my senior year started, my principal called me and asked me if I could come down to the school for a meeting. 653 more words


The Jew I Thought I'd Be and the Jew I Am

I touched in this a little bit in my last post and it’s something that’s come up a few times. When I started exploring Judaism, I had an idea of the type of Jew I was going to be. 620 more words


Converts and How We View Them

Everyone has certain issues which are especially close to their heart. It might be a particular area of halacha, or a social issue; perhaps you are an advocate for furthering women’s involvement in communal life, or for eliminating child abuse in the Jewish community. 936 more words


What Asking if Someone Converted Says

According to Halacha (Jewish law), you’re not supposed to ask if someone converted or ask about their conversion. When you convert, you’re Jewish and that status is not in question (unless you ask the Orthodox, but that’s for a different post). 480 more words