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Me'Inyana de'Yomah in the Daf Today

Today in the daf (in the Mishna) there is a disagreement between two Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Eliezer the son of Rabbi Yossi HaGlili. The Mishna relates their different opinions about the cities given over to the Leviim: 327 more words


On the Tetragrammaton, Part 1

The Mishna in Talmud Sanhedrin 55b teaches:
“The blasphemer is not liable to execution-unless he pronounces the Divine Name.”
Rashi states that the Divine Name would be the Specific Name of G-d: The Tetragrammaton…
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The Shabbaton from Gehinnom

Bais Yaakovs keep a short rein on their students, but sometimes it’s the teachers that get out of control. That’s what happened at an infamous shabbaton that ended in tears, hysterics, and according to some, an eventual mass OTD exodus*. 924 more words


The Resolution

The RCA statement on women’s ordination was both timely and tardy.

It was timely because waiting longer would have further greased the slippery slope towards a complete abandonment of Torah and Mesorah. 1,673 more words

Current Events

Why You Can't Learn Chumash or Talmud

Every Chareidi Jewish woman is barred from learning Judaic texts. If you’re in an insular chassidish enclave, that means never learning to read a Chumash. If you’re in Bais Yaakov, it means you can only learn excerpts of Talmud on an as-needed basis from photocopies. 245 more words

Jewish Culture

Hasagat Gevul in Pesak

The Torah forbids encroaching on other people’s ancestral lands in Israel, a prohibition known as Hasagat Gevul.  While the Talmud does not explicitly extend this to all cases of harming other’s business by opening a competing business (there are such prohibitions in the Talmud, they are just not linked to this possuk), the trend in pesak has been to use the concept of Hasagat Gevul to include this issue as well (See Shut Maharshal 89, below).   67 more words