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La parrucca come mezzo di consacrazione

‘Le donne di Israele non escono con la testa scoperta’ dice il Talmud (Ketubot 72°)

‘Cosa è la religione ebraica?’ Si domanda nello Shulchan Aruch. 857 more words


Letter to a Rabbi: Privately Grown Fruit in the Public Domain


Concerning the taking of grapes growing on a vine standing in private property but jutting out into the public domain. Can passerby eat of the fruit as a snack? 1,508 more words


Stale Mate: המוציא מחבירו עליו הראיה

Tomorrow’s שיעור  @ Beit Chatam in Rehovot will be on the topic of המוציא מחבירו עליו הראיה – the burden of proof is on the claimant. 21 more words

How to perform mitzvot

If you’ve recently decided to embrace your Jewish roots (I’ll try not to say ‘return to G-d’, because every Jew’s soul cleaves to his Creator), you may be wondering how to begin performing mitzvot. 430 more words


A Jewish approach to independence

(I wrote this post on 4th July, 2016, under the name “a Jewish approach to 4th July”)

To begin with, I should make it clear that I am not American, and that I have lived in the UK my whole life. 399 more words


Reform Judaism: Can we have Mesorah without Halacha?

There are, I’m sure, many Reform Jews who love G-d and who feel a deep connection to Judaism. However, Reform Judaism as a whole operates by the belief that Halacha is not binding, and doesn’t need to be obeyed. 254 more words


The laws of Kol isha

Kol Isha means “the voice of a woman”. As most people probably know, the term is used in reference to halachic prohibitions of women singing. Before I write about my views on these laws and customs, I should probably give a quick summary of the exact laws. 654 more words

My Jewish Journey