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The Fallacy of Equating Abstention with Prohibition

I am looking to coin the above title into yet another Latin phrase, because of late I have identified it as another fallacy not employed in the Maimonidean and Vilnian systems. 260 more words


The Death of the Firstborn and the Destruction of the Leaven

Previously, we saw how the Haggada includes the two biblical reasons for the commandment to consume matza on Passover: The broken matza is the poor bread of affliction that we ate in Egypt, both during the servitude and with the paschal lamb the night of the Exodus, while the whole matza represents the haste made upon the Exodus from Egypt.  1,355 more words


Halacha-Ecke - Warum richten wir einen Eruw Tawschilin her?

Fällt ein Jomtow an einem Freitag (und beginnt also der Jomtow-Tag am Donnerstagabend), dann werden wir Juden gemahnt, einen Eruw Tawschilin vor Jomtow herzurichten. Meistens besteht dieser aus einem Brot (diesmal eine Mazza!) und einem Ei, den wir vor Jomtow vorbereiten und aufbewahren. 659 more words


MJRC ruling: Eating kitniyot on Passover only Sephardic thing Messianic Jews allowed to do

The Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council announced on Wednesday that they have updated their Standards of Halachic Observance. The standards now permit Messianic Jews to eat kitniyot, a category that includes legumes and similar items prohibited by Ashkenazi Jews but allowed by Sephardic Jews. 28 more words


Where is Sarah? A Halachic Question!


Rabbi … :


I came across this article “The Tapestry of Moshiach and Ruth” wherein the author, Greg Killian posits that ,

Avraham is asked a halachic question when he is asked “Where is Sarah …?” B’rashith (Genesis) 18.9… 1,225 more words


Important Halachoth Regarding Qitniyoth

Recently, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon was in the news for giving his Kosher for Passover approval to B&D rice cakes, even for those who wish to follow traditional Ashkenazic practice. 614 more words