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Letter to a New Acquaintance: Money for Shidduchim


I did not have the time earlier to express my disagreement with your sentiments. When I had explained how I and my wife had not sought rewards for the various matches we have made or suggested in the past (between the two of us, it is up to five), you started saying how it was proper for matchmakers to charge for their services, and how the matched should pay for their good fortune, and how there are horror stories about couples who met with tragedies after they did not sufficiently reward their matchmakers, and about how all of these matters are well documented in “the s’farim.” 260 more words


How Seminary Influenced Me to Stop Going to Shul

Bais Yaakov girls are benos melachim in many ways. One of those ways is that they must always be kept under a watchful eye at all times, lest any harm come to them. 916 more words

Secular Culture


The month of Elul has recently begun, and this brings with it a constant theme until Yom Kippur: Teshuvah. Due to this, many people resolve to be more strict upon themselves regarding various different halachos.  88 more words


Hair Covering Revisited: Sheva Brachot

I’ve written on this blog before about my relationship with hair covering. Readers know that I planned not to cover my hair at all after I got married, other than in synagogue. 808 more words


Respect for Scholars During Prayer

As a follow up to my answer to the first question here, I would like to note the opinion of the Vilna Gaon. Normally, he rejects any practice that has no basis in the ancient sources. 430 more words


Dealing With Non-Halachoth

Question: How do you deal with the halachos that appear in Shulchan Aruch that you say are based on ideas you don’t hold of?

Answer: Some while ago I read an an article in the New York Times’ weekly “ethicist” column. 754 more words