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Hallel the Night of Yom Ha’atzmaut


You asked about Hallel on Israeli Independence Day, and I directed you to the opinions of Rabbi Nachum Rabinovich and Rabbi David Bar Hayim… 683 more words


Q&A: Consoling Mourners on the Sabbath

Question: May I go on shabbat to visit a neighbor who’s sitting shiva? I work during the week and don’t have any other time to go. 664 more words


Women of the Wall

If you have read this column more than once or twice, you will know that its focus is “soft” information. That adjective does not trivialize what I say; it merely distinguishes what I write from topics that require research and one-on-one interviews. 1,493 more words


Bacon challah!

Let’s face it, Jews love bacon. As much as we hate to admit it, we all want bacon.  Unexpected bacon is a happy surprise.  So what would be more delightful than a bacon challah?   64 more words

Nocturnal Hallel and Legumes: A Tale of Two Passover Customs

A week ago already, I had scheduled to release this post today, and then overnight, Rabbi Yair Hoffman beat me to the punch with a… 1,122 more words

Tikkun Olam

I would have been awed by just one of the speakers on the conference menu. But the privilege of this collection left me almost speechless. People who have changed, are changing my world. 659 more words

Tikkun Olam

In a Way

She really was not expecting the phone call. “You are seeing the retinologist tomorrow? Good. And let me know what he says. I mean it.” 528 more words