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I have always been a little out of the box, growing up in a tight knit Jewish Orthodox community.  I dreamed of travel, exploration and adventure.    505 more words


Kiddush in Shul: Friend or Foe? by Chaim Weber

The minhag of reciting Kiddush in shul on Friday night is subject to much dispute. There are many poskim who strongly support it, while others vehemently oppose it. 626 more words


Friendship, Favor, or Felony? Taking from a Friend Without Permission, by Rabbi Elchanan Poupko

While living among friends is something that has many benefits, it can present challenges too. One of the most common questions, if not the most common of all, that comes up in dorms and other close knit living arrangements is the question of using something that belongs to a friend without permission. 1,230 more words


Special Qitniyoth Pots For Passover, and Important Exceptions to the Usual Prohibitions

See this from Eretz Hemda:

Question: May I (an Ashkenazi) eat on Pesach at the house of a Sephardi friend food that was cooked in pots that he uses to cook kitniyot?

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Frag den Rabbi - Wird man nicht erst durch den Glauben Jude?

Wenn ein Jude ein Atheist oder nicht praktizierender ist, wie kann er dann noch Jude sein?

Nun, ein atheistisches oder sonst abtrünniges Kind Israels ist und bleibt Jude, weil Juden keine Christen sind und nicht mit einer Taufe im Kirchenregister eingetragen werden, sondern dem Volk G”ttes mit ihrer Geburt unwiderruflich angehören. 789 more words


Egg Matza: Forbidden Because It May Be Hametz, or Forbidden Because it is Matza?

Laws of Blessings, 3:1-2, 9:

There are five species : wheat (hitta), barley (s’ora), shifon, shibboleth shu’al, and spelt. Spelt is a sub-species of wheat, and…

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Birkath Ha'Ilanoth Before Nisan

Question: Is it early enough for me to say birkat ha’ilanot? Some fruit trees outside are already blooming, but the calendar says the beracha time starts on Rosh Chodesh. 211 more words