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Q&A: Extra Hadasim

Question: Last year, I heard you arguing with someone about whether a lulav could have more than three hadasim in it. What was the argument about? 711 more words


Yes, Tznius Can Be Oppressive

In my eyes, tznius is not only a beautiful mitzvah- it’s a tool used by countless Chareidi institutions to oppress and control women and girls. Just because I, personally, believe that dressing and acting modestly is right and proper, this doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the warped actions of numerous individuals and sects, and it doesn’t mean I support it. 361 more words


A Liberating Mitzvah

Yesterday, I had the privilege of reading a thought-provoking submission in Hevria, written by Chana Chava Perton. It came in the form of a poem named ‘I Am Unapologetically A Covered Woman’, in which Chana Chava writes of the struggles and joys she faces as a woman who chooses to observe the mitzvah of tznius. 416 more words


Things My Teachers Said

I remember one time in 5th grade we were sitting around talking and one of my classmates announced — with too much drama — that her sister sometimes goes into the bathroom while chewing gum. 169 more words


The Fast of Asareh BeTeves

TheĀ fast of 10 Teves commemorates the siege of Yerushalayim. It is a day of mourning, on which we remember the attack launched by the Babylonian emperor, Nebuchadnezzar, and his army. 111 more words


Chanukah Halachot and Minhagim - Why Sefardim light their Shamash last, and Ashkenanzim light theirs first

The other night, I was reading a really approachable halachic summary of why Sefardim light their Chanukah Shamash last, while Ashkenazim light it first. In the article, the author is very affirming about both traditions – which is really pleasant to see :) 216 more words