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Can I eat cholent during the week?

Please Note: This article is for entertainment. If you have any questions about Shabbosdik and non-Shabbosdik activities, please ask a competent Rav, and don’t rely on my articles! 449 more words


Devarim 5751: Aquiring the Geulah in the Closed Chest

Several times in these talks of 5751-52 the Rebbe states that the “direct way” to bringing Moshiach is through learning the subjects of Moshiach and Geulah… 512 more words

Sefer Devarim

Shabbat Shalom Devarim and Tzom Kal!

Shabbos Parshas Devarim (also Shabbos Chazon) starts in London at 8:10 tonight (candle lighting time) and ends at 9:23. For other locations, please check out Chabad.org’s amazing Shabbat times webpage! 108 more words


Jason Bourne, Bach and the Challenge of Halacha

It has been nine long years since watching the Bourne Ultimatum, the third in one of the greatest action franchises of our time. To date the film has grossed over £2bn in worldwide revenues. 1,121 more words


Judaism on “Who is human? Who is not?”


“You are adam , but goyim  are not called adam .” Kerithoth 6b See also Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai’s ruling (Babylonian Talmud, Bava Metzia 114b and Yebamoth 61a) that Gentiles are not “Adam” which in rabbinic parlance is to say, Gentiles are not human. 5,318 more words

Do You Make a Bracha on Gum?

Rabbi Ari Enkin

There is a difference of opinion on whether a blessing must be recited before chewing gum. Actually, it seems to be somewhat obvious that a blessing should be recited, as it says in… 893 more words


La parrucca come mezzo di consacrazione

‘Le donne di Israele non escono con la testa scoperta’ dice il Talmud (Ketubot 72°)

‘Cosa è la religione ebraica?’ Si domanda nello Shulchan Aruch. 857 more words