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The Spark of Kedushah

I’ve said it hundreds of times; kedushah is all around us. No matter where you look. you can find holiness there. In our kitchens. On the streets. 152 more words


Shabbat Shalom!

The month of Kislev is ahead of us, and this is going to be the first shabbes of the month. Kislev is a month of light. 80 more words


Parshas Toldos: Entrapment and Deceit

This week’s Parsha, Toldos, tells the story of Yaakov and Esov. It also tells of the patriarch Yitzchok, and of the matriarch Rivkah. In many ways it’s a very dynamic Parsha, because it features lots of very relevant topics; favouritism, sibling rivalry, and differences in human nature. 835 more words


Social Justice Judaism?

Allen: Before we start, I want to take a moment to acknowledge two encouraging signs of progress from the institutions mentioned in our last post. This week, the USCJ, JTS, and the RA issued a joint statement against the appointment of Steve Bannon, and Chancellor Eisen published a strongly worded criticism of Trump’s rhetoric in the Huffington Post. 1,651 more words


Mitzvah Day

Today is mitzvah day. Volunteers all across the UK are teaming up to perform good deeds. Often, this involves supporting food banks and charities, by donating goods, money, or- most importantly- time. 332 more words


Good Shabbes!

This shabbes is probably going to be everything but normal. Pretty much all the Chabad rabbonim- including mine- are away at kinus hashluchim, the annual conference of kiruv rabbis. 187 more words


Giving Thanks

I recently saw an amusing quote from an American website saying, ”I’m Jewish. I do thanksgiving dinner every Friday!”. Even if we don’t celebrate the American holiday of Thanksgiving in the UK, it did inspire me to write a post. 316 more words