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Birkath Hal'vana and Calendrical Confusion, Part 3

(Part 1, Part 2)

R’ Schachter has shed much light on the subject of Birkath Ha’L’vana.

In a shiur recently uploaded to  2,725 more words


If We Saw a Yid

If we saw a Yid selling home-made bread to a non-Jew, we might assume it is Kosher.

Would we be justifiably confident to consider this style of bread, sold by this non-Jew, as Kosher? 87 more words


Women and Halachic change - Can vs. Should

To what degree, if at all, should Halacha change to reflect the change in women’s status in society? My approach to the subject has fluctuated over the years as I was exposed to a range of opinions and perspectives. 4,266 more words


On Hair Covering and Hate Speech

There’s a disturbing picture doing the rounds on social media, showing a collage of women’s photos. These photos show frum Jewish women with beautiful shaytelach, along with a shocking caption calling these women sinners, and making some disgusting comparisons which I don’t intend to repeat. 335 more words