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Selling Hametz Shiur

Sorry I haven’t followed up on the Sourdough project yet. I’ve had more Pesach preparations than I anticipated. I hope to post the last segment soon. 37 more words

Pesach Halacha 200 words - Kitniyos

The Vilna Gaon (ShA OCh 453: VeYesh Osrim) refers to the Gemara Pesachim 40b as a source for the custom of prohibiting Kitniyos –

Rav Papi permitted bakers of the appointed Rabbinic leader of the Jews in exile to use Chasisi (Rashi – parched flour ; Rif – Matzah meal ; Tosfos – lentil flour ) during Pesach. 105 more words


Q&A: When Is the Earliest I Can Start My Seder?

Question: When is the earliest I can start my seder?

Answer: The Shulchan Aruch (Orah Hayim 472:1) rules that

One should have his table set while it is still day so that he can eat immediately…

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More Social Media Madness

I was talking to a friend last night about why some students make it through Bais Yaakov unscathed, and why some come out resentful and angry. 262 more words

Bad Teaching

Kitniot are not chametz!

Every year before Pesach, the debate around kitniot starts again. I have written about what kitniot are and where they come from before and about whether different food items are kitniot (check the… 182 more words


Ein Gozrin Gzeira L'Gzeira - Really?

For I long time, I have wondered about the rule of אין גוזרין גזירה לגזירה.  While Rashi (Beitzah 2b) and others in his Beit Midrash (Machzor Vitri Avot 1) make it clear that this is a biblical rule, and many Achronim follow suit, it is far from clear that the Gemara felt that way.   198 more words


Pesach Halacha 200 words - Chamets Starch is Paper

Paper goods containing wheat starch ought not be used during Pesach. The wheat starch is deemed to be Chamets and may possibly be leached into hot and perhaps even cold foods put into them. 131 more words