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Intro - Home Automation for The Shomer Shabbat Consumer

As seen in the Jewish Link of New Jersey

The number of ho­me automation products that offer to control our homes is ever expanding. From bulbs to switches, thermostats to appliances and locks to irrigation systems, the myriad products available continues to explode. 505 more words


Ki Savo, Kol Rabi - when you really dont want to be there

The catastrophic curses – the Tochacha – are all pinned upon one shortcoming, because you did not serve HKBH with joy/happiness and a glad heart from all the bursting bounty that He provided you. 115 more words


Jews are called- "Man"

Gentiles in Halacha

An essay by Rabbi David Bar Chaim clarifies Judaism’s arrogant, degrading, and racist attitude toward gentiles.


The Editorial Board

President of the Editorial Board and Founder: Rabbi Moshe Segal OBM… 24,448 more words


Lessons Learned From Waiting

One of my very favourite blogs is Safek, written by a woman who is currently enduring the process of conversion to Orthodox Judaism, and who transcribes her experiences and what she’s learned from them in beautiful and transfixing articles. 1,965 more words


Parshas Ki Teitzei: I Have No Answers

I am open about finding certain parts of the Torah difficult to understand and reconcile my own viewpoint with. I accept that the Torah is divine, and overrides any other values- but this week in particular, I find that hard to come to terms with. 360 more words


Parshas Shoftim: Justice and Responsibility

This week’s parsha, Shoftim, contains a famous phrase: “Justice, justice you shall pursue”. The repetition of the word “justice” is the subject of much discussion among scholars and commentators, and is thought to emphasise the importance of establishing a just legal system. 354 more words


Kol Rabi, Sedra Shoftim - Defying the Sanhedrin

Do not divert from Sanhedrin’s guidance neither right nor left

Rashi – even if instructing the right is left or the left is right.

Those defying their guidance must be executed – evil must be purged from your midst… 91 more words