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There oughta be a law...

Every time I read these words I get so angry I want to yell.

Ayla Reynolds, 20 months old, was wearing a soft cast from a broken arm and last seen sleeping in her bed at about 10 p.m. 1,882 more words


by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Understanding the basic mechanics of underground websites and networks

Anybody utilizing the Web will eventually come across what is known as underground websites and networks. 557 more words

Embattled Pennington County Prosecutor Alan Rogalla receives back-up from the Mafia

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Pennington County Prosecutor Alan Rogalla is receiving online muscle from Mafia associates staging out of Florida.

An anonymous cyber-stalker, using the name of a local investigative journalist’s elderly mother, is logging onto the web page… 419 more words

Rachel Hoffman and Andrew Sadek tragedy narrowly averted in Minnesota

Minnesota Pine to Prairie Gang and Drug Force faces intense media scrutiny after North Dakota teenager disappears

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

An 18 year-old girl from Grand Forks, North Dakota may have narrowly escaped the tragic fate that befell Rachel Hoffman and Andrew Sadek. 2,552 more words

Federal judge to listen to audio of an attorney committing a felony in the HaLeigh Cummings investigation

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

Federal Judge Leo I. Brisbois has been provided audio evidence of criminal activity by conspirators named in federal lawsuit

Audio capturing a Florida attorney in the commission of a felony has been submitted to the United States District Court for review by Honorable Leo I. 152 more words

Audio recording of assassination plot against Minnesota journalist submitted as evidence to federal judge

Federal Judge Leo I. Brisbois will listen to key figures in HaLeigh Cummings case discuss plan to commit murder

READ & LISTEN – – – … 10 more words

Audio: Bounty Hunter admits hiding illegal guns from police after discussing assassination plans of Minnesota journalist

Cobra the Bounty Hunter says he met with Florida Attorney General Pan Bondi and FDLE commissioner Gerald Bailey