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Ooops, my half birthday has come and gone ...

… and I told myself I’d have a modified list of goals by now. I have given it some thought, but life has been busy and I have a sinus infection that has given me a whole new appreciation for people who get sinus infections. 71 more words

39 Before 40

Friday the 13th

Today’s my half birthday.

Not that I have celebrated it in at least 20 years, but today I was totally gifted with all the good stuff life has to offer. 667 more words


6 months old

Kyllian and Irelynd,

Happy first half birthday!  You don’t realize it yet but half birthdays are a pretty big thing.  One day you will say that you are 5 and a half and you will feel so proud and big.  1,587 more words


Thank You!

Happy Half Birthday to us!!! We’ve been going for 6 months!

Team Blossom have had another positive get together today to discuss all things blog related (and a bit of gossip too!) and we can’t believe it’s been 6 months since we started on this adventure. 216 more words


Six more months...

…Until I’m 21! Today is my half birthday; woot woot! I talked about this last year but I’ve gained more followers since then. I’m really into celebrating my half birthday. 182 more words


Yesterday, M turned three and a half years old. That means that every day that passes will now lead her closer to four years old. 216 more words


Eighteen Months

Look at that face. Oh my goodness. This little guy–ahem, big guy–turned 18 moths old yesterday. It blows my mind how quickly it happened. I can’t believe it has already been a year and a half since our sweet boy came into the world! 409 more words