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Six months!

Today my baby is six months old. Half a year. 25 weeks and 6 days old. 181 days.

How did that happen? Everybody tells you it goes fast, well it really does, faster than you could ever imagine! 1,214 more words

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Today is My Half Birthday

Today is my half birthday. I am 29 ½ years old. I realize that it is probably no longer age appropriate to celebrate a half birthday, and some people this close to 30 are preparing to start lying about their age. 312 more words

Almost 30

Cinco de Linco

That title is so awesome; I wish I could take credit for it, but it was coined by my brother. Today is not only Cinco de Mayo, but LincE’s 1/2 birthday! 190 more words

18 Months

Little man is constantly on the go!

Crosby started swim lessons this month! It was a rough first week on everyone but he’s doing much better. 562 more words


half birthday!

Today is your half birthday!

This has been the most amazing six months of my life. Daddy and I love you so much, Bunz. You are growing into the most beautiful little lady. 20 more words

3.5 Years Old

It’s been a while since I’ve given a detailed update on Miss Kenley, so I figured her half birthday would be the perfect opportunity. We officially have a three and a half year old and I still ask myself everyday how in the world that is possible? 1,059 more words