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Tater 4.5

Happy half birthday, Tatum!  🎉

My little girl marks the exact halfway point between her fourth and fifth birthdays today.  She is undeniably smart and mature for her young age, yet in many ways she is so childlike and innocent.  121 more words


Exciting News!

It’s my half birthday woohoo! I am now officially nineteen and a half. I know what you may be thinking; It’s just a half birthday, it’s no big deal. 214 more words


Perfect Baby Boy Outfits for the First Year

You hear many people say “It’s easier to shop for girls then boys”. Well when you see the following items you will think otherwise. I wanted to share with you my favorite little boy outfits that cover their Coming Home, Half birthday and First Birthday. 237 more words

A Half Birthday List Is Better Than None

I had no idea half birthdays existed until I met the woman who would become my wife. She not only celebrates people’s birthdays but also the point in the year half-way to their next birthday. 522 more words

Celebrate it All

It’s time you start celebrating things. Big things, small things, short things, tall things (too much Dr. Seuss at home?!?). Time to start celebrating milestones, improvements, and successes of all kinds, more often. 180 more words


Hannah's Half Birthday

Six months ago you left your warm womb home where you were curled up peacefully, listening to my muffled underwater voice, beating heart and whooshing blood while I moved about the the world. 407 more words


6 months already

I can’t believe my sweet spunky baby boy will be 6 months old. It seems like just yesterday he was born. Ethan like Noah is truly God’s sweet blessings to me. 86 more words