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Half Frame + Full Fun: Canon Sure Shot Multi Tele / Prima Tele / Autoboy Tele 6

I’ve got so many names! But why don’t you call me Mr. Strange?


The penalties for doing drugs in Japan are quite severe; nevertheless, the use of recreational marijuana seems to have worked well in Canon’s 1980s design room. 1,050 more words


Canon demi EE17

I love the way this camera looks, as I do most half-frame shooters, though my favorite by far is the Olympus Pen-F, also introduced in 1963. 145 more words


Olympus Pen-F

What can I say, I have lusted after an Olympus Pen-F for a while. I have a weakness for half-frame cameras and the Pen-F is the pinnacle. 143 more words


We Can Go Back To Using Plain English If You Like

Remember when the 35mm film camera was the most common size of amateur photo  taker? Whether it was a Leica, Contax, Retina, Nikon, Edixa, or some other exotic name, the size of the film was fixed and the gate presented to exposure was pretty much decided upon; 24mm x 36mm. 343 more words