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Univex Mercury II

The Univex Mercury II 35mm half-frame camera is the post WWII version of the Mercury I. Univex’s proprietary #200 film was ditched in favor of 35mm for this model. 90 more words


Chaika II: 2nd Roll

My thoughts on this camera after two rolls:

  • Easily repairable
  • Using flash is a pain
  • Can fit in your tiniest bags
  • Body is almost indestructible to drops…
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Olympus Pen EE3 - Part 6

Last few images from the Olympus Pen EE3.


Tree Bark

That Riviera Touch

Same place a few days later with the Olympus OM2sp and Vivitar 19mm wide angle lens. 53 more words

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Olympus Pen EE3 - Part 5

Just hanging around

Modern Benches

City Living

Film Photography

Olympus Pen EE3 - Part 4

Glimmer of spring

Done with mirrors


It was quite dull weatherwise on my walk into town today and I didn’t really feel that inspired. So I went to an area of the city that we used to go shopping when I was a kid and took a few shots with the Olympus OM40, it did lock up on me, but taking the batteries out and popping them back in sorted it. 42 more words

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Olympus Pen EE3 - Part 3

Ready to go


Three Gables

I took my Olympus OM2sp with me when I was shooting these shots, but it didn’t feel quite right when winding on the film. 92 more words

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