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A Sad Day for France: When Freedom of Expression Fell

It’s been a hard week for France. On this fine Sunday morning I sit here and I feel the pain of a nation that has fallen but has yet to be broken. 1,312 more words

Half Full Or Half Empty?

Is the glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Just as there are 2 roads – 2 paths you choose to follow, there are basically 2 kinds of people. There are those kind of people that choose the broad path, and there are those type of people that choose the narrow gate. 2,746 more words

Living Life Even If . . .

I'm Not Fat. I'm Just So Sexy It Overflows...

I was fat and happy, well more or less. I always believed that my friends liked me for who I was, not for the way I looked. 1,367 more words


A small article on culture...

What is incredible about Ede is that, within only 4 months, I have met people from all over the world. Name a country, I will probably have met someone from there: Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ecuador, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Denmark, China, Ethiopia, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, Germany… The list goes on. 535 more words